Few questions...

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1.) Why is this pay to win? What is in the cash shop that is so overpowered? Is this OP stuff not available as monster drops?


2.) Is this a solo friendly game? Will I be able to become powerful solo? Or is there a ton of group content to get the best gear?


3.) Is there any form of competative PvP? Casual PvP?


4.) Are there solo dungeons/bosses? Or are they group based?



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    1. The main reason is because of cubes... they allow you to reset your item's potential and potentially get a better potential. After cubing enough you can have your stats multiplied by a few hundred percent which is extremely unbalancing. There are also hammers which add 2 more scrolling slots to items. Then you can also buy equips directly from other people using NX (cash shop money)... so yeah, very pay to win game. To be fair you CAN try to farm money and buy cubed equips but this is very hard to do and requires some money to start out with... E.g., to sell boss drops which are bound to you, you have to pay $3 to unbind them. Also, if you play in a newer server you won't the option at all to sell stuff to other people for NX, unless you do it illegally, which is frankly common anyways.

    2. It kind of depends on what level range we're talking about here. Until around 4th job at level 120 (takes about a month to get to) you'll be pretty much forced to solo (although at 90+ partying becomes viable). However, after that, which is most of the game, you'll be training at Lionheart Castle, where you get an extra 50% exp boost per party member... therefore you're almost forced to party to train after 120.

    3. There is currently no pvp at all but they're adding it in a patch that's coming very soon. From the Korean version we already know that it's just a crappy minigame and is really unbalanced. This is definitely a pve game.

    4. Well, there aren't "dungeons" per se at all. As for bosses, there are some field bosses that are soloable but there's almost no point in killing them because they're bad exp and their drop rates of good stuff are abysmally low. There are also some lesser bosses you can kill that again aren't worth it at all. The party bosses are worth it though, but you'll need to spend $3 to sell their drops... Also, people with good enough gear are able to solo the party bosses.

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