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Starting EvE

quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

Okay, not that anyone here cares but after years of playing mmos, mostly fantasy I have heard literally 100's of people talk about how badass eve is..  Never really got into the sci-fi theme but I am going to try the trial.  It seems really complex and damnit I am tired of swords and axes and platemail and fireballs blah blah blah numbing my brain into mush.


So , basically im posting because I am going to try the trial.. been watching vids and reading alot about it, I am really psyched and think i will be hooked.  I dont really have anyone I know in game to play with which sucks but I am a socializer and I hear that is how you get ahead in eve.


Anyway, downloading/installing right now, if anyone has a buddy key to send me before it finishes I will use that.. I mean, when I subscribe I would be helping you out and ya know, it would be cool to know 1 person in the vast universe of eve :P


Anyway.. sorry for my post that probably isnt very interesting but someone send me a buddy invite thanks 



  • SlysarSlysar Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Get ahold of Slysar in the game with mail or a convo, i'll give you a good smear impression about the professions and posibilities in EVE if you want.

  • quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

    Hey thanks, sounds good. I mean reading a books worth of info and guides and stuff, really Im just getting confused. Downloads is like 95% done.. should be ingame soon.. basically drooling looking at youtube videos :P


  • FaxxerFaxxer Member Posts: 3,247

    A couple things to remember about Eve as compared to your average fantasy mmo:


    1. No content created for you to follow.  you, the players, make your own content.  (This is usually what makes it a game breaker for the average WoW player as they want hand held rails to guide them from ironforge all the way to the mire bleak lands or whatever it's called...nope..   fly into oblivion at your own risk here.  you'll get bored grinding missions, you'll get bored just mining, you'll get bored just doing any one thing....get used to trying new things regularly and you'll be thrilled at how deep the rabbit hole goes.


    2.  Most people hit a slump from weeks 2-5....I urge you to stick it out past the first "hump" as you'll suddenly see much more than you saw the first 2 weeks....MUCH more.  It's like the world opens up to you then.


    3.  join a corp that's got at least ten members and you'll find a hole new element of fun, solo'ing isn't as fun in this game.


    have fun!


  • quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

     Thanks for the tips..  Completely open-ended gameplay is what I am seeking currently.  Yes I did play WoW for a long time.. But I also played Ultima ONline.. The Realm.. Ive been around a while, I think I will do okay.  I am playing Lotro too right now but its so linear, the deed system is kind of fun but I dont know if I will stick with it long term..


      Anyway.. almost done installing (or verifying which takes forever lol)  cant wait to start out. I heard the tutorial is really long so , gonna get my drinks and stuff ready to go lol


  • ndodgendodge Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Also, don't fly anything you can't afford to lose. losing a ship that's expensive or difficult for you to build or buy again can be discouraging.

    I play in a sandbox.

  • AzureblazeAzureblaze Member UncommonPosts: 130

    Faxxer and ndodge has some really good points.


    One thing I'd like to also mention is, be careful trusting people in EVE :)


    Don't loot cans or wrecks if someone tells you to that you don't know! If you do, they will likely be free to attack you and kill you and loot everything you own. Such a wonderful game.

  • FaxxerFaxxer Member Posts: 3,247

    Originally posted by ndodge

    Also, don't fly anything you can't afford to lose. losing a ship that's expensive or difficult for you to build or buy again can be discouraging.

     oh man, forgot to say that....  


    my first ship loss was my cormorant while mining....lost it to a pirate punk in a badger 2 lol...ya...i was so pissed.


    there are real jerks in this game and it's not against the TOS, which also makes EVE unique in that regard as well lol.


    losing a ship sucks like there's no tomorrow....

    The cost of death is immense.

  • TechnoMonkeyTechnoMonkey Member UncommonPosts: 93

    EVE University is a great starting corporation for new players. Yes it takes longer and the application process can be a pain, but it's totally worth it. It will change the game completely for you. Give it a try once you're done with the tutorials.

  • Species5021Species5021 Member Posts: 44

    Eve uni really is one of the best options on starting the game, the application really is a PAIN but once again totally worth it.

    Also coming back to trusting people and looting wrecks, any wrecks of whatever kind of whatever colour are safe to be salvaged!

    Its the only sure thing you can do when a yellow wreck is hovering in front of you, you can salvage it. No aggression timer or kill rights go up, no concord (lol) coming to blow you out of the water.

    Anyway whatever you do in eve have fun doing it and don't feel to bad when your first expensive ship bites the dust, we've all been there and we learned from it and came back just a little bit better every time.

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