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Kinect or Move Sword & Shield Games

LaserwolfLaserwolf Member Posts: 2,383

I've been listening to some gaming podcasts, namely Weekend Confirmed and Giant Bombcast, for nearly a year now. Throughout this time, and especially during the week of E3 I'm amazed that no one is asking why we haven't seen a truely great sword and shield game for Move or Kinect. I know there have been some failed attempts in the past and that we're in store for more failed attempts such as Star Wars Kinect, but no one seems to be trying hard to make this type of game. Gaming journalists are always talking about the failed potential of this technology but no one brings this up. Is the Kinect or especially the Move even capable of this technology yet? I'm not talking about a game where you wave your arms to make the sword move in one of 2 or 3 directions, but a game where the sword can move 360 degrees in any direction with immediate feedback in the game. I'd expect it would take a double headed Move device to do this well, but I don't see how that would be too difficult to come up with.

The potential of this, in both a well crafted single player experience, but especially in a multiplayer pvp experience is amazing. Imagine this tech being eventually included in Console MMORPGs when they finally start to take off. It'd be great to see a whole new generation grow up learning true sword fighting techniques and would certainly promote athleticism in gamers.

It just amazes me that we are so close to this becoming a reality when it comes to available technology, but no one really seems to be pushing for this or even talking about it.



  • enzymeenzyme Member UncommonPosts: 464
    Crytek is working on one called ryse for kinect. Looks like fun. Just got rid of my 360 and decided to just stick with the ps3 and pc. Just simplifying things on my end.

    To actually answer the question though, lol, I haven't really seen anything yet.

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