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Is this game dead?

KillerwoodyKillerwoody Member UncommonPosts: 27

I've been checking on this game for about 6 months and yet to see anything new on it.... is it dead ?


  • jeanmarie2jeanmarie2 Member Posts: 8

    i just was curious myself because i had looked at it behind a proxy when they had ip banned n america i logging in and there were maybe 6 players on the server that used to be packed i uninstalled it and continue my quest for a good F2P MMO...

  • BigRock411BigRock411 Member Posts: 299



    Not sure what region this publisher is for..however i was curious if the game was dead or not and came across this post by a moderator at whatever location its serving (doesnt look like a northamerican publisher)

    Nedless to say its a post that is calming the community not to worry because the korean server and game are shutting down and this publisher will continue to service the game.

    Not sure how that will be since well...its a korean game and its shutting down in korea.  My guess is that the game will continue here as is no updates or fixes until well...it shuts down too.

    Didnt look like anything special of a game, but decided to post this here since the thread was related.


    Yes i realize its a necro but really do i have to make a whole new thread to answer a question in an existing thread? Especially in a dead forum section.

  • yaoming36yaoming36 Member UncommonPosts: 189
    9 months too late :D:D:D
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