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Trying to Subscribe / Buy

jado818jado818 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 356

Was trying to subscribe to the game but was unable to get through on the Sony website.. are they being DDoS's again or is it just me internet being retarded?

I played the game a loooong time ago luckily i remember my log on.. I have the original game and kunark registered so figured I'd at least be able to log on and poke around a bit.


I do have another question though... Is the game digital download only now???

I've had a hard time finding a place that sells the actual boxed set of the game with latest expansions.


  • baphametbaphamet Member RarePosts: 3,311

    go there and at the top right where it says "my account" click it and log in.

    or, you can buy a new account that has 16/17 expansions and includes the first month free for $19.99

    if you are going to just play on the progression servers you wont need to do that but for only $5 more i sure as hell would if i were you.

  • HomergdogHomergdog Member UncommonPosts: 95

    Don't do that! goto amazon and buy all 17 expansion for $16 bucks with 30 days free play time!!!

    Its a great deal.

  • jado818jado818 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 356

    I might do that option later to reorder the game... a few bucks here or there doesn't bother me too much


    I did finally manage to reactivate my old account.. I'm not sure what the deal was... Seems like their registration server was unusually slow.


    I even got kicked a couple times before i could finish my verified by visa...


    Well now to log on and create a character... If i still enjoy the game I might buy the new expansions ;p


    It is kind of sad that I can't find a MMO these days that I enjoy so I'm forced to look back to my old favorites...


    I just hope the game has aged well ^^

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