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Is this game worthy?

xafordxaford Member Posts: 19

I don't know anything about this game, so I want someone to tell me, answer the following questions:


About the graphics, are they bad, good , or AWSOME( Rare , example: Vindictus)?

Is it populated (Rate it between 1 and 10) ?

For how long do u play/played this game?


Thank you for your concern...


  • niteWhislerniteWhisler Member Posts: 42


    from 1 to 10 id give it 7 or 8(depends what u got under the hood)



    again 7 or 8

    ... 2 servers, each with 3 channels

    ... mid-big world(its still OB so part of the world map is closed ... soon to come i guess)

    still no matter where u go u will run into other ppl


    im playing since OB 1st day


    couple things i like about this game


    gameplay/ combat is not like in most of other mmos ... "tab-1-2-3-tab-1-2-3"

    in prius there r like "combo skills" or better said "chain skills"

    meaning there are skills which needs to be activated using some other skill or by blocking/ evading/ hitting mobs, ...etc

    makes "grind" and pvp different ... enjoyable O.o


    there are also daily quests

    meaning there will be almost no grind

    good thing about this daily quests is that they keep ppl together ... so to speak ^^

    they will send u into dungeons ... dungeons can be accesed couple times per day

    so u will c all the time "lfp 4/6 healer most wanted" ... staff like that


    there is also this rewarding system which will reward u for ... well pretty much anything u do in game

    ...for every 1, 2, 5, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... idk, mobs killed, times died, times ur anima died, times u summoned ur giga, money, spend money, pots used, mining, crafting, cooking, . etc etc ... u get some kind of box which will give u some rondom items

    anyway ... good way for starters to make some money


    overall - MUST PLAY

  • resinaptresinapt Member Posts: 66

    This is game is awesome! Been a long time since i found a game so cool :D i Finnaly found smth to play b4 TERA is out in EU.


    Made a toon today, Heartlezz, lv21 Minstrel going siren on Raven server, add if u need an epic heal in the future :p

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