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BerungijinBerungijin Member Posts: 31


Just a little question, when a beta contest end, will the winners recieve a link to download the client, or so. And +/- how many time can it take before you can start to download?

Thanks a lot image


  • Lord_AlexionLord_Alexion Member Posts: 7

    yea, I have that same doubt... I won a beta contest and claimed the prize, so how long will it take till I receive info on how to make my beta account?

    thanks a lot in advance ^^

  • ValaraukValarauk Member Posts: 303

    Yeah I managed to win a Freeworld account and would also like more info on this.

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  • jamal1989jjamal1989j Member Posts: 2
    I won a guild wars beta key, and i have also claimed it. I won this about a week ago and still havent got my beta key. Does anyone know when i will get it????
  • Well I just won a year account to AC2 legions about a week ago. Anyone know when, or if I will receive the info snail mail or e-mail ?
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