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How long to max lvl

Mad+DogMad+Dog Member UncommonPosts: 757



How long does it take to get to max lvl?



  • WhiteCrossWhiteCross Member Posts: 120

    I would also like to know

    I'm wondering if this is a typical asian "grinder", like Aion (fail).


    Also, when can you start PvP.

    Is RvR like DAoC, WAR or Aion.

    Any perspective would be appriciated...thinking of trying this game.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 23,882

    Originally posted by WhiteCross

    I would also like to know
    I'm wondering if this is a typical asian "grinder", like Aion (fail).

    So you've actually never played a typical asian grinder if you think Aion is one.

    In any case I seem to recall there are the same types of kill x quests in Aika as there are in many mmos.

    Most typical Asian grinders aren't really about quests. you go to a dungeon or a field and just keep killing mobs until you are done.

    THAT is what a korean grinder is about.

  • IAmDuelIAmDuel Member Posts: 6

    This isn't really a heavy-grinding game atm, because there's many exp events running and the Epic II expansion is coming too.


    From 1-51 you do quests, which are very easy, usually just killing some MOBs or gathering some items.  To get 51, it should take about 1-2 weeks for a new player.  After that, you grind 51-70, which shouldn't take too long either.  If you're really serious about capping quickly, you can gather the 2 stackable exp items and grind on triple exp (Thursdays) and gain a ton of levels.


    Realistically speaking, it'd only take 2-3 triple exps which durations are usually 36 hours long (And you'd only play around 10 hours a day) to cap. 


    Also, PvP starts at around 40-50, but it's much, much more enjoyable at the higher levels.

  • KingKySuKingKySu Member Posts: 1

    What Duel said.

    Basically, levels 1-50 is all quest chains and such, requiring a certain number of enemies (10-30), drops (5-30), bosses (1-2), and/or rare drops (1-2). They each only take about 10 minutes at most, and instantly at the least. From 51 to cap (lvl 70 with 100% exp), it's mostly about killing MOBs called Mutateds, which are a bit tougher but give huge chunks of exp.

    Since a new expansion is coming out very soon, gPotato is offering Triple EXP Thursdays to help EVERYONE reach cap. Combined with stackable EXP items, which don't cost a lot and sometimes are free, a player could have 12x EXP rate (more if you have guild exp bonus) for a full day and a half, making grinding light-speed.

    PvP for stealthers starts at basically 20+, but the fun really begins when you hit 55+ (not a long time at all).

  • FrostedFlakeFrostedFlake Member Posts: 1

    To add to what you're both saying, gPotato is also running triple exp 8/4-8/10 for ALL LEVELS and ALL NATIONS.  You can probably cap within that time pretty damn easily.  And also, they're having some deals on the exp items, so it can be pretty cheap too.

  • chronicxdwchronicxdw Member Posts: 1

    umm... if ur a hardcore grinder then u can get through 1-50 in about 1 day maybe 2 then 50-60 in about week 60-70 in about 2 weeks or less depending on if u use exp items if no exp  items add a few extra days to each


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
    It is your average mmo with some twist at first like dungeon imagine having a harder mode at top of the lather.then pvp in the form of guild vs guild in an instance.think of it as changing king when popular go down this might looked down and frowned upon but trust me it put a wrench in a well planned plan in a hurry.then add the reic hunt this is epic just in it self. Pvp i ln this game is the best pvp you get in a mmorpg.ignore the simplicity and focus on what it is and you ll see what the fun is.the issue of why it got dumped happened last year. Gpotato and their allie locked this game america.went down the hill then.but dont let this deter you causethis game is insanelly great pvp wise.THE most addicting pvp game in the mmorpg world

  • fernan00fernan00 Member Posts: 1

    now with xp event , you can start to grind in a low lvl character and let the quests for the hardest zones in the new expansion.

  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    Hey there!

    I just wanted to know that since the last post, there have been some changes in the game and leveling is exceptionally quick, espescially from 1-50.  This depends greatly on how fast you play personally, but there should never be any grinding; you should be able to do quests straight through.  Be sure to check it out for yourself!


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