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Very Addiciting Game..

ATITD, A tale in the Desert.. is a game where you start out with nothing, in a world of resources. You get your first tasks, which begins the long journey of gathering and building. The game itself is based upon the players and working together to advance as a whole. Egypt although is massive in size and this tale (tale 5) cut the area into 5 regions where players can communicate within the region itself.

The main objectives for this game may be centered around the tests itself, but there is much more to the game then personal tests. The areas in Egypt have many different benefits to people if the right direction and dedication is put forth. Prime example is the building of an aqueduct system. This bring bonuses to growing, and later into the tale research allows for herb growing in certain areas with aqueduct towers.

The game is filled with different things one could do, and many things that require time.. lots of time. But the bigger part of the game is the research into deeper techs, which require items. Players from all over donate to the research and it is a major part until there is no more, then it's just using and finding things within the world itself.

There's many things related to cooking such as herbs. There is 250 different herbs within the game with a rarity ladder that goes from dirt common to achievement worthy herbs. There is also a complex fishing system with 49 different fish. But other then that there is the basic veggies and meats, all for cooking. Cooking is best way to get high stats for activities such as gathering, processing, fishing.. etc.

The game is fun, and for anyone who is thinking about it, you should wait for the 6th tale this fall I think. The game is very fun when it's fresh and new, and if you enjoy putting time and effort into creating an establishment then you will enjoy this game.


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