When will this game move to the DEAD GAME list?

Im not going to lie, i loved this game.

it was COH with skillable heros, commander skill tree, and special item cards that could be leveled.

it was great, the servers were packed, the game itself was the perfect blend of build and defend and attack and capture.

The only reason i can think of as to why they ended this game after beta was that they either saw this game conflicting with their other buy to play games or this was just a marketing scheme to get players into their series.

However their games lack a lot of the progression and collecting items that this game offerd.  Possibly scheduled for the new game they are planning (which leads me to belive this was some cruel marketing hype scam)

Feel sorry for all those who spent money on the cash shop in beta and never saw a proper launch or life in game (so glad i didnt use it)

But yeah, send this game to the junkbin of history please (canceled game list)

Sad thing is, there really is no other game like it out, they really had a unique game on their hands, that was doing well too..


  • IfcwhuffesIfcwhuffes Member UncommonPosts: 35

    Was definitely a good game. Just hated being lvl 10 and gettin paired up with lvl 30s and such. But i heard the reason they took it down was because of its success. I read that COHO was doing good, too good, that they were afraid it was going to conflict with the game they were developing now.(me thinks it was CoH2). I mean.. why drop 60 bucks on another CoH, when you have a perfectly good one thats free. right?

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