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Beta coming!

EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137

OH yeah beta must be coming soon :


Greetings Hellgate Players!


The closing of the gates of hell doesn’t guarantee victory for humanity yet.


Sharpen your swords and restore your guns, the Gates are showing signs that it will open again anytime soon.


We are calling the attention of all the Guild Leaders (even those who plan/aim to be one).


Are you willing to rise to the challenge of Hell once more?


If yes, then prepare your troops to enter the Gates of Hell once again.


Make/establish a guild during the transition phase (End of CBT until the start of the next beta phase).


Make your own guild discussion/recruitment website, fan site or forum (can be a thread or a category).


Send us the following details to hellgatesuport@t3fun.com


·         Guild Name

·         Guild Master's T3Fun Account Name and Registered Email

·         A link to the created guild discussion/recruitment website, fan site or forum

·         What are your plans upon completing your Guild?

·         What do you think would be the best contribution of your guild for Hellgate Global Community?


Prizes will be given to at least 10 successful Guilds (registered guild that was submitted to us before the start of the next beta phase) that will be established on the next beta phase. (Details about the prizes and criteria for winning will be announced the day before the start of the next beta phase.)


So start planning those guilds and be ready to enter Hell once again.



Thank you.



GM Vallafar


Hellgate GM Team



“Remember the Dead but Fight for the Living”



  • NightkinNightkin Member UncommonPosts: 48

    The word "coming soon" reminds me to Duke Nukem Forever;)

  • OurielOuriel Member UncommonPosts: 73

    I must say that Hellgate is an awesome game, hope it won't get screwed again. That is probably the only game that I will invest time in it.

    Ain't the next beta test start on June 30-th, or I am wrong?

  • EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Nah the june 30th is just rumors nothing has been confirmed from devs.I wouldnt be surprised if this game waits like all the others till sept...Seems like all the best games are all coming end of sept i wonder which ill chose.


  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    About time! I was getting bored of my other games.

  • EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Originally posted by SaintViktor

    About time! I was getting bored of my other games.

    Serously huh cant wait but i still wish at least one would get there asses up and give us at least one game for the summer .«Hopefully HG will....^^


  • stupar123stupar123 Member Posts: 11

    Heard of it so I could try it:) love apocalyptic MMOs !

  • kreakrea Member UncommonPosts: 227

    Yep kinda liked it to back in the day , so will try it out to check again when i can grab a key .

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