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What i miss about roleplaying

KeglanekKeglanek Member UncommonPosts: 10

so yeah what i miss about roleplaying, well first off i roleplayed on Ultima online for 7 years on the Europa shard and it was fantastic best roleplaying years of my life. Now for those who dont know Ultima Online its probably the grandaddy of mmorpg's very simple graphics but (imo) thats what helped it be so good, you could have houses that can be fully customised by the player and people could place guild houses and  make them  'player run towns'.It also had no leveling system it was about rising skills unlike most mmorpg's you could start a charicter and within an hour be invited to a RP guild with no skills


I know this sounds like a yearning for UO but i just feel the level system has made it harder for RPers to roleplay. Maybe im looking in the wrong places or maybe my standards are too high 

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