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Post your old Screenies!

planbeeplanbee Member Posts: 15

Hey everybody, I absolutely loved this game when it released and had a blast playing it. Everything up to the final boss was enjoyable and fun. The final boss itself was insanely aggravating since my guildies and I spent about 4 hours one night trying to finish it (we were all level 50). 

Once we beat the game though it was never really done. There was always so much to do in the game such as PvP (evoker insect swarm vs evoker insect swarm = insta death + computer crash), making new characters with different specs, and trying to better your gear.  I would say this game is a lot like the current borderlands except that it's a completely different setting.  I really hope this new HG will be fun and enjoyable.


Anyway the point of this thread is to post up your old screenies! Show us what your characters looked like or show us some beautiful environmental effects!  Go crazy. 


This is my evoker

My Evoker


Here's my evoker getting blasted while my insect swarm shield does all the work

Insect Swarm Shield


  • NeikoNeiko Member UncommonPosts: 626

    I miss HG:L. It really was one of my favorite games, I loved a lot of it. Anyways, small pics, since I have no clue where my screenshots would be now if I still had them, and these are from FB.


    I loved the Guardian class.


    I also LOVED the drones from the engy.


    So much... Phase I think it was called? God I can't remember. I hated that debuff so much. Double damage delt to me? Get poisoned? Now you can't heal. On fire too now? There goes 5% hp every tick. =(


    I loved having a melee drone and his gun being a grapple hook XD


    A friend and I, at below recommended level, took down Moloch... It took HOURS D=.


    My friends and I broke Ash. If we were at that exact spot in the shack, he couldn't hurt us, but we could hurt him. O.o

    Edit- Just remembered, in my last screenshot I have 2k shields, when I normally had like 100. Shield wall was great XD

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