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Refresher on what this games about

strangerdangstrangerdang Member Posts: 233

So when this game was up and running previously, i had overlooked it, then it was gone.

For those who are in my position...fill me in on what this game is about, why people liked it, and what was its downfall origionally.

What was this games "catch" if you will.

Actually forget the games downfall, im sure that will be the hot topic soon enough.


I want to hear the good about this game.


  • stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,513

    Imo it was all trailer and no substance.  Let's just say it was not what I was expecting, very disappointing.

    Velika: City of Wheels: Among the mortal races, the humans were the only one that never built cities or great empires; a curse laid upon them by their creator, Gidd, forced them to wander as nomads for twenty centuries...

  • BizkitNLBizkitNL Member RarePosts: 2,531

    I thought it was sort of a 1st person diablo-esque game. Actually, come think of it, the best comparisment I have is Borderlands, but way worse (In my opinion).

  • kingtofukingtofu Member UncommonPosts: 95

    Personally i totally loved this game and was rather gutted when they pulled the servers down, there had been talk of some people hoping to convert it to LAN play which was all that was missing i thought.

    Yes Basically this game is an instanced version of Diablo II but in first or 3rd person, if memory serves i think u can have up to 4 or 5 in an instanced party.

    The early levels are rather bland looking colour wise but its a post apocalyptic battle against the hordes of hell which have come thru Hellgates that have opened and most of humanity has had to flee the surface of the earth and move into hiding in sealed off train stations and tunnels underground to survive.

    The game has a huge amount of weapon and armor customisation thru upgrade consoles in the train stations (not the 1st one)

    You can also disassemble unwanted items for components which can be used to make better weapons, armors or mods (random each time you re enter a train station specific vendor.)

    Theres some extremly difficult huge bosses towards the end but fighting your way thru right to the end of normal difficulty is fun and challenging, theres some levels where you use mounted turrents to destroy a huge living brain type flying ship then afterwards you go inside it its the mind of a face hugged engineer.

    At the end part you fight your way down to the depths of hell the back to the final confrontation with about 4 huge bosses. The last guy is a super huge dude called Sydonai i think and he looks a lot like Diablo on steroids.

    You can use guns like a FPS in 1st or 3rd person (3rd is better mostly as some mobs spawn behind you at times.

    You can also be a dual wield sword guy- Berserker (my fav), a templar (sword n shield with auras (basically Paladin tank), Evoker - mage, Summoner- basically a necromancer, or Marksman - assault guns and sniper, engineer - another necro class with bots instead of flesh minions.

    Overall a game with a ton of fun and depth if you give it a decent chance at get at least a 4 - 5 train stations into it, the first couple are more tutorial levels.

    Also at lvl 4-5 you can start farming the first boss for good drops, exit start new game repeat to earn fast cash or mats from breaking items down.

    Don't listen to haters or people that have only tried a couple of levels. I urge you to give it a decent try yourself before you form an opinion, you never know you may love it, its fast paced and a lot of fun if you let it be..

    Im signed up for the new beta, you cant have any of your old chars its a new version of the game hosted by a totally diff company. Yay for us, im rolling a new berzerker soon as the servers are up on the 3rd. see ya's ingame.

  • AegrusAegrus Member UncommonPosts: 34

    I'm with Kingtofu here. Hellgate had it's flaws but i enjoyed it a lot. Not exactly sure what class i was but do remember that grenades where my speciality. Running through corridors while 30+ minions where chasing me and some big boss was quite fun. Trying to slow them down with grenades and mines hoping to survive and not accidentally running in some sort of hellnest while doing so. Ah good times.

  • therez0therez0 Member Posts: 379

    Ditto to what kingtofu said.

    I played the original from beta to close, and once you got past the early blah of the tunnels and out to the surface, it was great.

    I don't remember any other game that was a CORPG and kept me on the edge of my seat--some truly suspenseful moments, even on the randomly generated maps.

    And it got even better once Stonehenge was released. It was a subscriber elite area that had seriously impressive visuals, atmosphere, and terrifyingly difficult bosses.

    My first character was a lightning evoker--sometimes called the boss-mop, since it specialized in single target DPS that could be done indefinitely if you had enough mana siphon.

  • rik666rik666 Member Posts: 69

    I have no idea why some people didn't like it because i really loved the game!

    I think the concept was what made me love it, also i loved the gameplay because every class played diff, like the blademaster as a hack&slash guy and the marksman as a fps guy.

  • strangerdangstrangerdang Member Posts: 233

    Glad to hear what everyone liked, however *gasp* i never played diablo in any of its forms.

    Still not sure what this game exactly is.

    Instanced dungeon crawler with a lobby?  Is it a FPS style mmo?

  • SleeplessSleepless Member Posts: 15

    Yes, instanced dungeon crawler, with lobbies. Many of the instaces were the same map, with different colors and skins.

    Graphics were the greatest downfall of the game, imho. Just about every other aspect was wonderful.

    Customization of character and equipment were my favorite parts.

  • jpnolejpnole Member UncommonPosts: 1,696

    HGL was one of my favorite PC games of all time. Looking forward to the relaunch. Only issue I foresee is thatthis game launched 3.5 years ago and by now the graphics and all could be on the edge of being out dated. Either way I still love the game.

  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower Member Posts: 1,245

    Originally posted by jpnole

    HGL was one of my favorite PC games of all time. Looking forward to the relaunch. Only issue I foresee is thatthis game launched 3.5 years ago and by now the graphics and all could be on the edge of being out dated. Either way I still love the game.

    And its dx9 now while it was dx10 back then i hope it still looks ok.

    Ive played lately before relaunch my original game solo part and game still looks good, but thats DX10.

  • NeikoNeiko Member UncommonPosts: 626

    Whoever said graphics were dated are on crack. That game looked fantastic with the highest settings. Granted it wasn't optimized the best, but that's not bad graphics.

    It seems people fall into a more black and white with HG:L, there aren't too many people in the gray area. People either loved it, or hated it. I personally loved it. I loved it so much, I bought the collector's and got a founders account <_<;;

    Guild wars is a close comparision to how you go to areas. Lobby with shops and whatnot, and then instanced areas. Except most of the areas were randomly generated. Areas were re-used a lot, but once you got near the end of the game, they pulled in different looking areas.


    Also, great video showing some of the game, even some faults. I loved this video when it came out XD


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