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How Restricted Is The Free Trial?

fallonfallonfallonfallon Member Posts: 99

I am intrested in trying out the 30 day free trial , but was kind of wondering how resticted it is?

Can you play the full game with no restriction for 30 days?

Is there a level cap for the trial?

If there is mail sytem and AH can you use it?

Are mounts Available?

Can I craft?

All these question will take affect in my decision to try it out..Any info will be greatly appreciated! Ty!


  • palomppalomp Member Posts: 31

    Here is a link about trial limitations on the FE knowledge base:



    1. No Trading

    2. No sending mail 

    3. No auction bids/buyouts or posting

    4. A level cap of 10

    5. You cannot be a clan leader

    6. You're limited to 100 chat messages per session

    7. You cannot deposit items or chips in the clan vault

    8. Unable to use Global Chat

    And about the no global chat for trial players-there is a Help channel you can use,its very populated,lots of helpfull people.


    You can craft all you want.

  • Germaximus_SGermaximus_S Member UncommonPosts: 1,061

    I played the trial and got about 12 hours of gameplay out of it. I just took my time with it, kinda wasted my trial but i was very impressed. I didnt even know about all those restrictions, didnt care to look. It sure felt like i was playing the full game while i played it.

    Its totally worth checking out.

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