I'd like to see a SW MMO with REAL Jedi & Sith

Endo13Endo13 Member Posts: 187

As in powerful beings, the way they're portrayed in the SW movies.

Here's a few ideas I had for how it might work.

Becoming a Jedi or Sith as a player

It definitely wouldn't be easy, or fast. You'd have a long, difficult quest line to become one. Possibly, there would be limited slots for each faction for players to be a Jedi or Sith (more on this in a bit).

The rewards

Well, this is pretty obvious. You'd be a true Jedi. Powerful, hard to kill, dealing immense damage and insta-killing just about anything.

The risks

This is the first part that I think would help balance it out. First, once you become a Jedi, you only live once. You die, it's for real. That character is DEAD. To keep playing, you make a new character and start over. You would be able to loot your dead Jedi's body, provided someone else didn't get there first. Same with his house. This is also where the limited slots could potentially fit: once your faction has a certain number of Jedi or Sith, no one in that faction can become one until one dies. Another big risk would be your alignment. You'd lose alignment far quicker than most players. And as a Jedi, doing evil actions wouldn't necessarily count towards becoming a Sith. They just make you a rogue Jedi (or rogue Sith, if you start on the other side). Also, as a rogue Jedi or Sith, you have NPC Jedi or Sith (slightly less powerful than a maxed player Jedi or Sith) hunting you down any time you're in the territory of that faction. You'd also have NPC Jedi or Sith hunting you any time you're in the opposite faction's territory if you're not rogue, but you'd have far less heat than a rogue in his former friendly territory. The worse of a rogue you become, the greater the number of NPCs hunting you, the farther they chase you, and the quicker they find you. The same would also apply when you're in enemy territory any time, based on hostile PvP actions you've taken against them. In short, the more you PvP, the more heat you bring down on yourself in enemy territory, and the more dangerous it becomes. In PvP, there's the obvious risk of running into a Jedi or Sith on the opposite side who's just as powerful as you are, which is a lot more meaningful with the permanent death.

Obviously there would also have to be some limitations as to how a Jedi or Sith can participate in certain aspects of group PvE. Perhaps certain bosses would "hide" if a Jedi or Sith got too close, or something.

The combat

This is where it becomes more tricky. The only thing I've come up with is as follows:
1. Normal player classes have a 1.5 second global cooldown (GCD) on abilities.
2. Jedi/Sith have a 1 second GCD.
3. Against NPCs, any NPC actions against a Jedi or Sith player are delayed by 3 (or maybe 2) seconds. Each incoming attack or effect has a small bar (or target, or whatever) representing it that the player can click on to deflect or block the attack or effect. Blocking attacks has no GCD. (And yes, you would have to actively click them with your mouse. Playing a class this powerful should demand more skills than simply hitting certain keyboard keys.) Many attacks could be deflected to cause damage, if the player clicked on a sweet spot at just the right moment. (More or less an advanced form of "whack-a-mole").
4. Against normal-class players, the Jedi/Sith has a 1.5 second delay before the attack hits, to have a chance to block or deflect. Normal class players also have a 3-second GCD vs Jedi/Sith players instead of the normal 1.5 second GCD. This could be represented by some kind of circular clock icon above the Jedi. Since this special GCD applies only against that particular Jedi/Sith, the player would still be able to launch another attack against a different player while he waits for the extra time to tick down, then launch another attack against the Jedi/Sith player.
5. Against another Jedi or Sith player, you would have a 1 second delay, and a 2 second special GCD.


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    There are no real jedi or Sith, it's a work of fiction.


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  • FreeakedFreeaked Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Nice fantasy world you live in.

  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

    not true it happened along along time ago in a galaxie far far away duh everyone knows this.


    sith would rock the panzy jedi in the face. the idea would mostly work in a offline rpg game to be honest. SWG is still a good game thou*i am playing it know* and when SWTOR comes out it might be even better or what your looking for who knows.

  • FreeakedFreeaked Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Yeah I played Pre NGE to but still a fantasy to see it happen again or happen properly.

  • slim26slim26 Member UncommonPosts: 645

    I have read everything, nothing like exploration of ideas but man the GCD check  system would be impossible but if possible buggy to the core and very annoying. The Jedi and Sith seem very OP! and to block others from not being able to become a Jedi or Sith because of too many would piss allot of players off.

  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

    i think SW is hard to make into a MMO game. the sith and jedi are made to be more powerfull then anyone that does not use a saber or use the force.

    unless you make a game full of jedi and sith only but that would get old for anyone lol. SW games IMO are better off staying single RPG games and w/e else other then MMO games. SWG did a ok job at it but hey who knows SWTOR might make it happen and make it even.

  • IceyouIceyou Member Posts: 11

    I can already tell that alot of people are going to be jedi/sith regardless of what hurdles they have to pass. If we can play maplestory to level 150+ without gouging our eyes out or without seeing 2d mushrooms that you farmed for the last 3days everywhere then I'm pretty sure we can bypass whatever sith/jedi quest you have in store.

  • osc8rosc8r Member UncommonPosts: 688

    Didn't they have something similar to this in SWG? Where there were very, very few players who could become jedi's (& only after doing a lot of quests / grinding etc). And they were really rare and powerful... Even though I never had interest in being one, I still remember seeing my first one in game... it was awesome.

    But then players starting crying (gee, what a surprise) how unfair it was that they couldn't become one... and so the dev's listened. Perma death was removed & Jedi's then started popping up everywhere, waving their lightsabres around in town.. it was lame. Though admittedly as a bounty hunter it was actually good in a way... jedi's waving their lightsabres in public = more chance of them being on the bounty hunter boards = good pvp! Man I miss original SWG *sigh*.

    But then the jedi's were dying to bounty hunters, and that wasn't fair either as they deserved to be super OP after grinding so hard! So the dev's listened, and listened, and listened some more... and then eventually everyone could select a jedi from the start (or so im told, I quit after the pathetic combat upgrade / wowification).

    TLDR: I'd much prefer jedis/siths to be rare and powerful, however the the mentality of gamers these days it's not going to happen again any time soon.

  • hayes303hayes303 Member UncommonPosts: 370

    It depends on the Era the game is pitched in (SWG was put in the era of the orginal movies, meaning that force users were rare as they were being hunted)from the age of the OP's account I am relatively certain he is well aware that he is describing basically the first iteneration of jedi in SWG. 

    The amount of changes to that class in SWG shows just how impossible it would be to put a "god" class like that into a game (esp one with any form of PvP).

  • Ph33rlesPh33rles Member Posts: 12

    Honestly, there's so many issues with this. I know where you're coming from and its the same thing I said when I first saw that bioware was making an SW mmo. Either the Jedi/Sith are going to be balanced in the game to make it fun for people to play as the classes, or its going to be completely imbalanced and the jedi/sith are going to be OP as heck to fit into Lore. It looks a lot more on the balanced side to me.


    Anyways to your idea. Limiting the number that can become jedi/sith. All of a sudden you have hordes of characters camping whichever npc grants you jedi-ship, just waiting for one of your faction jedi to die. Why aid the jedi on your side at all? Then when you are jedi, is there a reason to take any risks? No you're risking permadeath. Might as well stay in the safe zones with your overpowered self, until you're ready to die of course.

    You also create an exclusive club, probably one on each server. A group that the entire point is to be part of, but not everyone can be a part of, and the only ones who get into it are the ones that either did the quest chain the fastest or were sitting at the npc clicking the accept button the fastest. And then you'd likely have whole guilds set around trapping individual jedi/sith of their own faction and killing them while one guildy is waiting to turn in the quest to get the title.

    That's not even bringing up the combat which besides being a little ridiculous to code, prone to lag, not taking into account 360 degrees; it simply seems more apt to a FPS rather than an traditional MMO.

  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Member Posts: 519

    During this time of Star Wars history, there is a large amount of Jedi and Sith everywhere. I can see where you're coming from because during the time of the movies and SWG, anybody wielding a lightsaber was extremely rare but this has not always been the case.

    They're going to be balanced and it fits perfectly into lore. No issues here.

  • AdamantineAdamantine Member UncommonPosts: 3,999

    You have a really, really, really funny concept of "real Jedi".


    A Jedi is usually selected as a young child and then gets training in the Jedi temple.

    There is no "hard work" involved. In fact, the Jedi council was very unwilling to grant Anakin training because even that young boy was already considered "too old".

    So yeah, this concept of "real jedi" is what came from SWG, but not from the movies.

  • Endo13Endo13 Member Posts: 187

    Well I didn't just start this thread to post my own ideas. If someone else has ideas that would allow for Jedi as powerful as they should be please post, I'd really like to see them!

    Also as others pointed out, maybe having limited slots for Jedi/Sith might not be a good idea. Like I tried to post at the start, I was just throwing some ideas out.

    Main thing is I have no desire to be playing (or see other people playing) a Jedi that works like every other class in an MMO. Bottom line, if you hit something with a lightsaber it gets sliced through. There's none of this hitting something for 25dmg and having it still have 100hps left. At the very least, what you hit loses a limb and freaks out, but usually it's pretty much dead right away. I can guarantee you that's not how Jedi are going to work in TOR, and thus I have no interest in the game in the least.

    Also it really wouldn't bother me if I was never able to play a Jedi. I just want being a Jedi to really mean something.

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