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niteWhislerniteWhisler Member Posts: 42

well i was wonder if anyone played aika recently(or still playing)

ive run into some reviews and posts about nation merge, some class improvements, 51+ quests/new zones, etc

thing is, ive played aika couple months ago and really had fun

tried both versions, 3 lvl51+ chars with awesome gear, 1 account  full of equipment, ...


anyway, eventually it got deserted so i was forced to quit


so i was wonder if maybe aika changed after this new patch?




  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    Aika's community is thriving, alive and well.  There have been developments with Aika Global closing down but gPotato's Aika is still in full swing.  We have 5 Nations full of players, all of whom keep the game active.  We encourage everyone, especially those who haven't played in a while, to be sure to check out Aika now, as there is sure to be new content there that you will really enjoy.  Have fun!


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