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Pirates of the Burning Sea Gameplay Videos

I made some videos of Pirates of the Burning Sea showing off the really fun combat. 2 vids of some regular Open Sea PvP and 2 of the Port Battles (24 vs 24).


OS (open sea) PvP

Battle 1

Battle 2


Port Battles

Port Battle 1

Port Battle 2


  • IceyouIceyou Member Posts: 11

    Now ive always wondered, since it went f2p. Its it pay to win like you can buy OP super boats with flaming mad cow disease chain shots? Also how much does actual skill play into this, alot/little/etc/etc

  • phreackphreack Member Posts: 17

    The 'item mall' pretty much only offers aeshetic upgrades (costumes, etc). Nothing that will make a regular player have to shell out cash to compete against someone else. Everything remains player made (just like EVE): Ships, upgrades, consumables, etc.


    Its all skill based. The biggest ship in the game with the most fire power is little more than a sitting duck when coming up against a captain who has a smaller and more maneuverable ship. Just an example there.

  • stbudimistbudimi Member Posts: 2

    Here are some vid's made by me in pvp

    Potbs is a great game for everyone who like to mess with other player in pvp:)

    And dont listen to F**s who tell you got baned for no reason.

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