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What MMORPG's are you currently playing?

LilithooLilithoo Member Posts: 11

Just  as the topic asks, what MMORPG's / MMO's are you currently playing? Why you chose it and any good features? I am looking for a game, but kinda funny that I dunno my style..hope I can find here.





  • JamesscottJamesscott Member Posts: 19

    I am currently playing Eudemons Online, I dunno why I chose it, just saw it and tried...and till now for almost 2 years. Any good features? Hmm...the pet system is awesome, also the special skill system. Kinda boring now, but finally it brings new Vampire class so I will have new fun.

  • kodyak2000kodyak2000 Member UncommonPosts: 5

    LOTRO - Is frikkin Middle Earth! 'nuff said!!  seriously, tho, great game all around, by far best F2P

    RIFT - Was always interested in WoW, but never liked it, This is like WoW minus the 'suck'  , Alot of stuff to do other than the main them-park style of questlines...

    GODS & HEROES - Been testing since early stages , wow this game WAS complete crap untill the new devs took over, at now toward end of closed beta, all I can can say is its worth looking at because of the team behind it..    All im sayin is its definately worth a look, havent played or seem enough to do a real review, its shapimg up really really well

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  • ThorkuneThorkune Member UncommonPosts: 1,969

    I am floating between SWG, Lotro, and AoC right now.

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Trying to decide between Guild Wars, Darkfall Online, and Aion.

  • mrcalhoumrcalhou Member UncommonPosts: 1,444

    Age of Empires Online Beta, Eve, and I'm thinking about giving Darkfall a spin again.

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  • DarbiiRueDarbiiRue Member UncommonPosts: 838

    I have active subs in EQ2 / RIFT / WoW. Waiting on my WoW to run out. I bought three of RIFT back at launch and SOE gave us 45 days free so, I've been playing a lot of that. :)

  • RohnRohn Member UncommonPosts: 3,730

    I'm playing Mortal Online, because fantasy sandbox gameplay is what I enjoy most, and MO gives me that.  Looking forward to the Dawn expansion coming soon.

    I play a bunch of other games casually as well, like Champions, EvE, World of Tanks, Vindictus, etc.

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  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    It's in my sig, but I'm currently only playing EVE and dabbling with Ryzom off and on again. I'll eventually make my way back to Darkfall probably too.

    Current: None
    Played: WoW, CoX, SWG, LotRO, EVE, AoC, VG, CO, Ryzom, DF, WAR
    Tried: Lineage2, Dofus, EQ2, CoS, FE, UO, Wurm, Wakfu
    Future: The Repopulation, ArcheAge, Black Desert, EQN

  • disownationdisownation Member UncommonPosts: 243

    Been pretty much solely playing/subbed to Vanguard and Fallen Earth for the last 2 years. Always dug the small, tight-knit, mature and friendly communities. And I have an affinity to indie, non-mainstream mmos with decent crafting systems.

  • ditto101ditto101 Member Posts: 13

    nothing because unfortuneatly i get bored easy

  • kaorusdreamkaorusdream Member Posts: 9

    Same with James, Eudemons Online, also Conquer Online. Both great.

  • DragonantisDragonantis Member UncommonPosts: 974

    My wife and i are currently playing Rift, have to say we havent been this excited about a fantasy mmo since wow.

    Theres never a dull moment, always something happening XD

    I recommend you try the trial at least.

  • ditto101ditto101 Member Posts: 13

    i tried to get the trial to work for rift but never figured out how 

  • EvileEvile Member Posts: 534

    Age of Conan and Star Trek Online.


  • jusomdudejusomdude Member RarePosts: 2,706


  • Karnage69Karnage69 Member UncommonPosts: 323

    Everquest 1/2 - Because Its free right now

    Everquest 2X - Free and playing with my brother every few hours a week

    Project99 - When I can stomach the self entitled Elitist jerks and the Nazi Game Masters.


    Vindictus - Free and Instant fun - Fades quickly though


    Warhammer Online - Its actually kinda fun sometimes. Some of the best group pvp out right now, in my opinion.


    I have a Rift sub, but havn't played it in almost 3 months after hitting cap level. Not a fan of instance grinding in a game that is not overly exciting. The pvp is complete fail.


    I spend a lot of my time doing college homework and watching movies lately.


    I was beta testing Black Prophecy, but it slowly grows boring after awhile. Not really my cup of tea, but I hope the game does well.


    I'm really looking forward to SWTOR, Archeage, and GW2.

  • baldernonobaldernono Member UncommonPosts: 96

    At the moment I try :

    - Mythos : diablo gameplay, very well maked imo, smooth 3D engine, got little boring after lv 30 + actually it looks more repetitive (loot table, dungeon map etc...) than Diablo (i didnt played Diablo for long time tho ^^)


    - Asda 2 : technically the game is not very good for a "2011" game imo but rest looks ok. things i don't like a number of same type of mobs in the area : kill steal is frequent. Good things is we can switch channel (5 in total) quickly. Also ranged class power for soloing or kill steal. i play a level 25 swordman. well i have the best def and hp but when i see ranged class "always" kill the mob in 4 shot before it come to him it is sure he don't need defense or hp...


    - RoW (Return of Warrior) : a game i discovered when surfing a google. I never heard of it but i must admit he is quite good even it is a 2008 game. The main 2 issue are 1_ the control gameplay, it is quite original (differerent from classic korean mmo) and can disturb the first time 2_ the "hand to hand" or collision bug. Without that it is a good game, very addictive i play that at the moment ^^

  • LilithooLilithoo Member Posts: 11

    Thx for taking part in. I tied most of the mentioned game before, but also found some new things. I like the Vampire one. Thx James.


  • BizzlebuffBizzlebuff Member Posts: 87

    Rift.  Me, my fiance, and a friend all subscribed after the free trial weekend a while back and have been having a blast ever since.  Also DDO sometimes.   Occasionaly logging into AO, PSO, Vindictus, and LOTRO.    Will go back to DCUO for some kicks after the new update most likely. 

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    Age of Conan - Great graphics and atmosphere.  I mean who doesn't want to chop peoples' heads off? :)


    Rift - Good graphics (not AoC good, but still good), community, and gameplay.


    Lord of the Rings Online - I have alot of friends that still play this, and my guild is like number 1 or 2 in the game :)


    Dark Age of Camelot - For when i get that PvP itch.  There isn't a game that comes remotely close to the greatness of this game's PvP.


    Final Fantasy XI - Alot of friends still playing this,  I drop in from time to time, but I get bored easily since my character has done absolutely everything except level up black mage and red mage (I hate mages).


    Ashen Empires - A few friends still play this.  One of the closest communities I've ever seen.  I could sit around in a bank and talk to people all day, but I'd rather be out slaying giants and stuff. :)



    I just realized, I have ALOT of time on my hands lol.

  • rooeyrooey Member Posts: 11

    Started playing Champions the other week and I think its awesome!  Also still playing Cabal - its sort of the same thing over and over again but the interface and graphics are very good.

  • ThaneUlfgarThaneUlfgar Member Posts: 283

    Warhammer Online- It's fun. As to how long I will subscribe, I'm not sure. It's month to month at this point.

    World of Warcraft- I'm subbed until September, so I've been playing it off and on. At this point, I doubt I will subscribe again.

  • lekizlekiz Member Posts: 171

    Nothing. But, I'm currently going to try Prius Online, Eden Eternal, and World of Tanks.

    I've began on a similar journey as the others with not being able to stick to a MMO very long. Or finding one that is remotely good enough to hold my attention. However, I'll probably drop MMO genre for the time being if the games above don't grab me, and go with something singleplayer or maybe a FPS.

  • KabaalKabaal Member UncommonPosts: 3,042

    Age of Conan, really just because nothing good has released for years now.

  • twodayslatetwodayslate Member Posts: 724

    Came back to EVE, after last playing in 2008.  Never felt like I really gave that game a fair shot.  Also Global Agenda when I want to be entertained for all of 15 minutes (an expert solo specops mission).

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