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LF a sort of unique game

codekittencodekitten Member Posts: 59

For people who never have heard of Soul Master here's a link:

Sadly the game was shut down, or rather the company says they have plans to rework it. I personally fell in love with the game when I first tried it back in it's beta.

So I was curious if there was a similar game out somewhere that I may have over looked ^.^; I'm not saying list any/all RTS games you can think of because Soul master was more of a rts with tower defnce xD


But also I recently stumbled upon the remains of a few other mmos that were shut down like Monster Rancher online, and Monster Forest Online. 


After being saddened by the loss of both of these cute mmo's i was wondering if there were any other monster catpure mmo's out there even? (not talking about pokemon online here.. ) It'd be a bonus if it had a farming system like in Monster forest :)


  • codekittencodekitten Member Posts: 59

    Updated my post.. maybe someone can help D:

  • astoriaastoria Member UncommonPosts: 1,677

    I might be wrong because I'm just judging by screenshots, and the gameplay may be very different, but League of Legends looks similar to your game.

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  • CernanCernan Member UncommonPosts: 360

    I played it in beta as well.  I don't think there is anything else out there that is close.   League of Legends is nothing like Soul Master.  Leage of Legends is team based PvP.  You only control one hero character.  There are couple upcoming games that you might be interested in watching.  Not really mission based like SM, but they are MMO RTS.


    End of Nations:


    Dawn of Fantasy:



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