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LF Low-end laptop touchpad friendly MMO

SquishydewSquishydew Member UncommonPosts: 1,107

I'm currently looking for a mmo that doesnt require the use of a mouse to much - As I'm horribly slow with my laptops touchpad, a mouse is not really an option due to travel and other things

The laptops specs are not exactly.. eh.. well, they're crap:

Dualcore 2Ghz processor, 4 gigs of ram, Nvidia Geforce GT 420m


I've ruled out maplestory, as its one of the most boring games ever, and the EU version of it is really outdated.

Any help would be apreciated :) Also - The graphics  dont matter, as long as its not textbased.


Thank you!


PS: i also enjoy the occasional single player rpg ;p


  • DredphyreDredphyre Member Posts: 601

    Wizard 101 fits that description nicely. Combat is card-based with turns. There's no manuevering for combat. 

  • WispahWispah Member Posts: 14

    I must sound like a brocken record but I'm only replying to people I think the games good for.

    The Reason I started playing this is the same reason as you, I had a Low end Laptop at the time, and just wanted a game I could play with touch pad that wasnt demanding, or caused me lag of my graphics card. Now that I have a good laptop and computer + mouse I still play.

    Free to play so try it out, tell me what ya think... Athena server too ;)

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