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I need help...

donnysobonnydonnysobonny Member Posts: 5

Hey guys,

Sorry for bringing my gaming problems to yourselves, however I'm having some real issues here.

I'm a long term online gamer. I have been playing online games for as long as I can remember. However, recently I have found myself disatisfied with the games I have been playing. I dont know if it's because I have played them all and I'm looking for something different, but I have literally spent the past few weeks downloading game trials and betas, and frustratingly quitting them because they simply arent satisfying. Whether this is just a phase or not, it's really beginning to put me down, and I'm genuinely thinking of ending my days as a gamer.

So I figured I would make one last attempt and turn to you guys in order to aid me on my quest to find a new game. I know it's out there somewhere!

Here is a list of the game features I am looking for:

- an online PC game (you play with and against other gamers)

- fast paced action with manual aiming (none of this turn based tab-to-target stuff)

- a player controlled economy (the players effect the ingame market and how the game developes)

- mainly PvP focused (the majority of gameplay is playing against other players)

- a sandbox type game (the actions you take make a difference to the game world and it's players)

- high end graphics

A game I am currently playing, and will probably continue to play for the rest of my days is Eve-Online. For the people who know this game, you will notice that the majority of things I am looking for are already within Eve. However, it's the slow paced gameplay, and the lack of control you have over your ship that is letting it down for me. I really only play Eve for it's awesome community.

I'm not specifically looking for a space/sci-fi type game, I will try anything which includes the features I am looking for.

Thank you greatly in advance,



  • GdemamiGdemami Member EpicPosts: 12,342

    You basically ask for EVE with twitch control mechanics and such game does not exist.

  • jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

    You can try darkfall, it may not have high end graphics and there are alot of issues but if your into the twitch combat and PvP it could work out for you.

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  • donnysobonnydonnysobonny Member Posts: 5

    Just had a quick look at some darkfall footage, it looks quite good!

    I'll definetly give it a try.

    Thanks buddy!

  • jawalijawali Member UncommonPosts: 195

    maybe try Fallen Earth?

  • LyulfeLyulfe Member Posts: 213

    What about Global Agenda? Doesn't have all the things on your list, but definitely has the twitch elements etc.


  • DuDuDu213DuDuDu213 Member Posts: 2

    Unfortunately there are no good MMORPGs out right now, and tbh there haven't been since Vanilla WoW. All the games you will run into are made by lazy ass money hungry assholes. Sometimes you will see a spec (AND I MEAN SPEC) of effort in one game, but the rest of the game just sucks. Reason people churn out these horrible games is to basically lure in people who have never played a true MMO before (Vanilla WoW), and so they don't know what grinding is, or what crappy gameplay is. The world is way too overpopulated so it's really easy for these 'developers' (and I use that term extremely lightly) to just pick up all the 8-18 year olds who have never played these kinds of games before and get the money from advertising companies and money from the kids who buy stuff from the cashshops and stuff.


    The true developers are the indie devs, yes ok their games are still bad, but it's simply because they don't have nearly as much money as Blizzard did when they made Vanilla WoW. I agree with games like Darkfall, and also try out Mortal Online. They aren't very good in terms of quality of game but the devs do try their best, but like I say, they just don't have enough money to make such a beautiful game as Vanilla WoW.


    If I had the skills to create a game I would try to take all of the good things from WoW and spend years on it. Companies are way too money hungry to spend years on a game, so they release the same game with the same engine 100 times, just with slightly different graphics so noone thinks that's it's the same as the other game they played 1 hour ago!

  • donnysobonnydonnysobonny Member Posts: 5


    Buddy, your views are my thoughts exactly. I'm tired of playing games where the enjoyment is over-ruled by the feeling of being conned out of money. I agree that blizzard in particular are not out there anymore to make an enjoyable game, but instead intend to make as much money as possilble. I have known this for a while now, and have always been aware that it will become more of a problem as I continue to become a more experienced player, and no longer naive.

    That being said, I am thrilled to say that I have played Darkfall, and went over numerous resources and review and am delighted in the result. It is exactly what I am looking for. You are what you make yourself, and the risk is as real as life itself. I would happy take a step down from high end graphics to experience such a well designed game.

    Thanks again for the help guys!

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