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APB: Reloaded: Open Beta Preview



  • terrantterrant Member Posts: 1,683

    The radio allowed you to import an MP3 playlist and listen to it in your car.


    My point about arrests was there were penalties for killing a stunned player. Or were supposed to be. Plus from a flavor persoective it's just low. I LIKED the arrest system. I was one of the people that supplied arrest pics to the huge thread we had on the forums for them. Heck, I still have the screenshots on my home PC! I just wanted them to flesh it out better for group ights or make it more useful in the "end game".

  • BishopMilesBishopMiles Member Posts: 33

    Originally posted by dzoni87
    Tried this game couple of days ago... It have very nice character customization system (hell yea... even a Tatoo/logo editor) Liked the GTA online concept. It diverges somewhat from majority of MMO games however.

    Only reason that i had to uninstall it for was Graphics Demands/optimization. I do not know if this is a bug, but for me only having 2GB of ram, game constantly crashes with "out of memory" message. Ive been heard that there is fix somewhere, but i really dont know if its sure and if it works. However ill try game once again for month or two to check out if it is fixed/optimized.

    Try something called the 3GB Switch. It can be found near bottom of this post it worked for me.( I have vista and I am running 2gbs right now) I have played the game with better performance and few to no crashes for long periods of time.


  • eric_w66eric_w66 Member UncommonPosts: 1,006

    "My thoughts on hackers....  Whoever claims this game is 'filled' with hackers is more than likely just getting outplayed. "

    Once you get towards the high end of the threat level, the chances of encountering a hacker increase dramatically.

    Last night, I was going up against a Gold 5 crim who *at least* was using a wall hack. We were fighting over control points for 15 minutes (3 5 minute rounds). He knew where I was coming from every time, and I purposely changed attack angles every time. Half the time, I had a grenade being primed and thrown in my direction before I had even entered the hall way TO the spot being captured. There was NO WAY he could have seen me (as I had just spawned, and the hallway was at an angle that he couldn't see down to where I had spawned). Yet, here comes Mr. Grenade just as I enter it.....


    Yeah, he was cheating. It even got worse when he went threat level 5 and mowed down everyone and everything that came near him. (Probably was using an aimbot, but the triple slot OCA he was using is so OP by itself, that I couldn't tell for sure).

  • Rashen3695Rashen3695 Member UncommonPosts: 22

    Wonder if Radkid1 is going to play :D


    If anyone played The orginal APB beta you would know him or maybe you've heard of his legend..


    They were Lacking Alot of stuff from APB just as it said in the article because the old game got a bit boring after playing for 2 days straight. =

  • causscauss Member UncommonPosts: 666

    People here make me laugh. That's all I say.


    If you're Dutch or do not mind Dutch people (lol) and looking for some buddies to play with, join Patriot and whisper Chazer ingame.

  • MrMxyzptlkMrMxyzptlk Member Posts: 141

    There does seem to be a lot of hackers/exploiters in the game unless the game designers implemented a metal gear solid invisibility suit in the game. I dunno I've only played for a couple of hours and saw a bunch of people that were just walking heads, hands, and feet...like the character Rayman without a body.  

  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Member Posts: 519

    Originally posted by Leethe

    Originally posted by Xero_Chance

    I find it funny how the 1 open beta preview completely contradicts what everybody else has been saying on the forums all week. Not only that, it completely skirted major issues like the lack of the promised matchmaking system, weapon imbalance, and game-breaking performance problems.


    There. That's better.


    It doesn't matter, the game was in open beta for at least a week since I posted that. Even if it wasn't completely a week, the last closed beta update had to do with a crash bug they didn't completely fix.

    My arguments are still valid.

  • Southpaw.GamerSouthpaw.Gamer Member CommonPosts: 572

    I can sum up my APB experience in a few simple words.


    Addictive Unbalanced Fun.


    While I enjoyed the first release of APB a great deal I just could not justify paying for more game-time in a game that was so shallow in variety in terms of content... here in APB Reloaded I am liking their optional monthly fee if you want some perks even if I have fears said perks may unbalance the game;  people that want to pay are complaining the perks are not enough yet... and for the price even at a special 10 bucks for now I somewhat need to agree asking for 10 bucks a month is a little much for a game still so lacking in content / variety.  I am also a little pissed that they are limiting free accounts on customization which for a lot of people is why they enjoyed APB to begin with... so they are forcing these people to pay.  


    I see little to no changes in gun balance.  There will still only be a handful of weapons used because they are the best... and go figure those guns are still the same; I can see the same BS happening as before where people with new characters will face people with much better gear.  


    Long story short APB is a lot of fun (At least for me) and if they do it right I may even become a premium player... but as of right now asking 10 bucks is far too much for the gameplay offered.  Hell they want to move that price up to a regular MMO fee eventually which is pathetic.  They need to cut that price down to a fair 5 dollars a month if they want people to bite.   I can see playing "Free" working... but you'd need to play a lot more than a premium player and you'd lose out on half the game (Customization)



    - Free seems to be "Free"

    - Addictive Gameplay (I always have an unlock goal)



    - I've noticed no HUGE changes from the first release 

    - Premium price is a joke

    - They don't seem to be doing anything special for the people that bought the game when it first released beyond character restore

    - Guns are still going to be a problem

    Full Sail University - Game Design

  • EladiEladi Member UncommonPosts: 1,125

    I bin playing several days and having lots of fun.  the accusation that there are a  bunch of hackers is simply not true.

    First of all you have your vet players, even if reteurning just now in open beta, they have the skill and knowlidge to take on any newb that just sees the game first time.

    then theres more skilled players, and the better enquiped players, and the well armored players.  (yes new ppl there is armor in the game) 

    Im not great in the game at all, died plenty of times and from about 20 hour play time sofar I can say I might,maybe seen 1 hacker but could just as well bin a lag issue (i dont have the best pc)  most matches are fair, I say most course sometimes you do find yourself fighting a way way  better higher rank player that easely beats your team.

    this is a very easy to get into game (excl loading time) but a hard game to learn, theres alot of tricks involved, and in time you basicly need to learn every spot of the city as vantage points plays a key role as well as weapon knowlidge and "knowing your enemy"

    Driving sucks, but then im no gamer that plays race games so can be just be, i just stick to the slower but stronger Vans and trucks :P you do get used to the little things that make driving sometimes hard in the game but I got better whit normal cars and learned a few nice spinning tricks and such,

    matchmaking aint perfect as said but the game keeps track and drops you down or pushes you up (or stay same) every match you played so if you get a lucky kill you might end up in a next match way to hard for you but loosing and no kills means a drop of your danger level and thus you fight against more egual skilled players again.

    The game is a Mmm dont wana play a mmo right now..but fps..meh.. oh lets play APB a bit, its free anyway.

    The customisation even whit free2play is still great, and on its own a good reason to play

    THe cashshop is to expencive is you ask me, $10 in bate for premium features (more flavor stuff mostly) is rather expencive for a game I wont play as my main thing to do. guns (those you keep permanet) are way way overprized, not worth the money it cost to buy a compleetly new game. they probaly will tweak that stuff as time goos by and shift thier focus to people like me, who play the game more casual then the few hardcore players that will remain playing it hardcore. If not no loss for me but rather for them, lotsa small sales make more then a few big sales :)

    I would never see APB as a "main" thing to play, But Im sure I will enjoy it as a "Off-game" for along time,

  • nethstarnethstar Member Posts: 24

    Why is everyone calling it an FPS, when its a third person shooter?


    If you mean to catagorise it as a "shooter" then thats cool, but there's no First-Person element about the game at all.

  • misdirectionmisdirection Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Originally posted by Kebeck

    Don't know why I keep hearing about hackers and still I haven't seen a single one with more than 40 hours in...

    I have as much time in as you and I met my first hacker within the first hour of game time. He was firing off shots randomly at our group and was killing everyone every single time!! I have shelved this game for the moment until they can control the hackers and fix the sloppy handling of the vehicles and aim of the weapons.

  • bloodmuffinzbloodmuffinz Member Posts: 4

    I started playing the open beta right when it became available, I must say it was something that caught my attention right away. The cops and robbers theme had me drooling, I downloaded it immediately in excitement and began installing. Creating my player was fun, you can random or go through an advanced feature, although the hair styles need a good look at, it kept me busy for a good 30 minutes.


    Before I began to play I ran into a hitch. I had several conflicting issues with punkbuster identifcation and my antivirus, e-mailed support and used their fix and a few other solutions. Finally got it working, logged in and then 5 hours passed in a blink of an eye. This game is incredibly fun, between the gunfights, car chases, and hillarious failures it's easily drawing people in...


    IF you can play it. Currently I was playing fine, but since it's open beta a lot of new features, tweaks, ect. has been added lately, breaking my client >.< This was about 2 days ago, I'm sure they might be on it. Anyway, I almost got to silver before I had these issues, a decent car, and a new look so I'm calling it quits until they announce a release.


    As for the hackers, from what I've seen the new players who come into some of my groups will get tromped by people on the other team with far superior weapons, they still think they're facing people their own level so you get tons of chat calling one or another a "hacker" but in reality that guy dominating everyone is usually using a purchased weapon with mods.


    There are hackers out there, I know of a few sites right now that are annoucing it over their forum boards. Just look for the obvious clues, what gun is he killing you with? The distance? Are they all connecting? Is it scoped? Rank? I've seen a few but not as many as people are claiming.


    By the way, has the hacking community lost it's meaning? I don't see how using scripts to inject dlls are in any way a form of "hacking" there was a word that has apparently faded away called script kiddie, which defines these cheaters.


  • markyturnipmarkyturnip Member UncommonPosts: 837

    Do mmorpg journalists ever actually criticise a game?

    I cant comment on this one; I never played it, but I dont think I can recall anything other than praise from mmorpg.com writers for anything they re/preview. Its not convincing.

  • SinbornSinborn Member Posts: 30

    Originally posted by markyturnip

    Do mmorpg journalists ever actually criticise a game?

    I cant comment on this one; I never played it, but I dont think I can recall anything other than praise from mmorpg.com writers for anything they re/preview. Its not convincing.


    Would you prefer the inane ranting of the official forums?

  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Member Posts: 519

    Originally posted by Sinborn
    Originally posted by markyturnip Do mmorpg journalists ever actually criticise a game? I cant comment on this one; I never played it, but I dont think I can recall anything other than praise from mmorpg.com writers for anything they re/preview. Its not convincing.  
    Would you prefer the inane ranting of the official forums?

    Yes, because that's at least honest... sometimes.

    I tend to disregard the opinions of the staff here because it almost always contradicts the opinion of the userbase. They're very highly opinionated people in journalism and although this is definitely an undesirable trait for a journalist, they really have no other choice.

    It's praise or be shunned. I feel sorry for the difficult position they are constantly placed in.

  • fat78fat78 Member Posts: 7

    I tried both APBs, the original and reloaded, and i have to say it still has the same poor gameplay. The shooting system hasnt changed, its still horrendous. When driving it still feels slow and like you are riding on ice. Missions are pretty much repetive, same thing every mission. Health regen should be taken out so campers cant go back into hiding and gain health back. Movement needs to be faster and more responsive, by that i mean i want to be able to stop running and switch to my gun more smoothly so the game doesnt feel slow and uncontrolable to the player.

    I pretty much think apb needs to be more controlable and needs faster gameplay. When i play a shoot i want it to be fast paced and tacticle. APB is slow and pretty much point and shoot.


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