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lf new game

h0devilh0devil Member Posts: 2

hi all

im looking for new game

comeing from aion

i did like aion but i got bored of it

i would like to play solo most of the time

also want class to be like  spirit master (aion) i like that class xD but the pet was useless in pvp T.T

no need to be all skill the same

f2p or p2p i dont care

and nice looking skill hmm i dont know how they spell it :s

pve and pvp


i dont know if i forgot something xD


  • h0devilh0devil Member Posts: 2

    any one ?

    if there is nothing close i can  change my mind

  • aultmaaultma Member Posts: 3

    Guild Wars/ Guild Wars Factions playing as a ritualist would be your best bet, I've never played Aion but the classes sound similar and you can easily solo guild wars with bots. It has decent graphics and skill animations and a big pvp and pve community.

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