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Luminary; The Rise of the Goonzu

WispahWispah Member Posts: 14


I believe this game has a bad rep with - as our "lovely" GM's decided to hold a comp early last year to get users to give good ratings for rewards...

The truth is "" haven't got much interest on actually putting money to get new players, which is a crime because this is a good, addictive game... That doesnt require much from your PC, and can be played while doing work (while the boss ain't looking)

I get really bored... really quickly... I mean i've been doing some good things and got real bored (get your mind out the gutter), however Luminary has got me starting it up, every chance I get.

Let me get right too it. There is so much to do in the game that the only way you can decide where your future in the game goes.

No Character is limited, No character is the same, No character looks the same - a like but not the same.

*Takes a deep breath in* You can train to be a master sword, spear, axe, gun, bow - user, you can become the top maker (manufacturer) of armour, swords, spears, axe gun, medicine, bows, clothing, and more, *breathes* every month a player runs for Goonzu (King/Queen) they rule over Luminary, working with there 4 ministers and assign people to be guardian angels (for the weak) and Police to Police. *drinks some water fast*... Town system which makes you feel as if it's really your hometown - A player is townchief and has heads for buildings, the Town cheif is chosen by the towns stockholders (chairmen if you wish), guild system that makes you want to be apart of the Elite and eventhough every weapon and peice of armour has an average stat, it is rare for any weapon to be the same, the graphics while 3D it's still 2D however the way the gameplay is set and the use of lighting and glow effects, they are something you'll grow to love.... There is so much more that I haven't mentioned, but you'll find out about the even cooler stuff when you come and play... When you start make sure you go to Athena Server, it's much more friendlier than the other two, you'll feel welcome and have the urge to be the best player that ever walked through Luminary.

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