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LF MMO with reasonable reason to get to End Game

MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

My boyfriend and I have played MMOs for close to 10 years now. We are getting tried of the way certain games are going, we want something new that has a reason to play til the final level.


We've played a variety of games and are looking for something that has an active community but still fashions to our interests.

In the past we played WoW, AoC, and EQ2 to top levels and even raided. We are open to PvE or PvP based games as long as there is a /reason/ to play til the end.

Community is everything to us. If there isn't people in the game, there is no point in playing it(I.E. Warhammer).

Editing this to add in some more info..

We've played alot of games, didn't find a ton with reasons to get to the top. If something on this list has good active end game, let me know :)


Forsaken World


Lineage 2


City of heros/vallins



Games we found tried and didn't really like


Perfect international

Maple story(lol)



If you have any ideas or thoughts on games we could try that have a community and reason to level to the end, please let us know.


  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    LotRO is the first one that comes to mind. Similar enough to the games you mentioned to be an easy transition, but different enough to hold your interest. Great community (or was when I played).

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    Played: WoW, CoX, SWG, LotRO, EVE, AoC, VG, CO, Ryzom, DF, WAR
    Tried: Lineage2, Dofus, EQ2, CoS, FE, UO, Wurm, Wakfu
    Future: The Repopulation, ArcheAge, Black Desert, EQN

  • MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

    Tried that and considered it as a possibilty, I found the leveling process in the game wasn't stimulating enough =/

  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    Out of the games you've added and are curious about I can tell you the following:

    Rift: From what I've read you can get through the entire end-game in several hours. It's a new game though, so I'm sure that's bound to change.

    Lineage2: If LotRO leveling bored you, Lineage2 will make you want to kill yourself. It's a major grindfest, although I've read it's been toned down since I tried it.

    City of Heroes/Villains: The sheer number of options available for customizing your character is great, and the combination of powers is fun to experiment with, but the game becomes repetitive in a hurry.

    Aion: I've read the game is fun to level a character, but becomes boring and repetitive once you reach cap.

    Current: None
    Played: WoW, CoX, SWG, LotRO, EVE, AoC, VG, CO, Ryzom, DF, WAR
    Tried: Lineage2, Dofus, EQ2, CoS, FE, UO, Wurm, Wakfu
    Future: The Repopulation, ArcheAge, Black Desert, EQN

  • MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

    Yea, that's pretty much all the same stuff we discovered. The problem with Rift is that isn't almost identical to wow(atleast for us).

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Aion is said to have had another PvE facelift with the latest 2.5 patch that was just released. I haven't been able to find specific details but I wouldn't let your opinion be swayed by someone reading something somewhere once :p


    Also to comment on City of Heroes. This is one of my favorite games to be honest. The group play is fantastic, the customization is fantastic. The way the different sets bring different things to the table is great. My only problem with the game was that once you capped out, there was little to do with your character and you were more than likely forced to reroll an alt.


    I havne't played Going Rogue so I don't know how the incarnate thing addresses endgame.


    My gf and I thoroughly enjoyed CoH. We played Aion but we (mainly me) lost steam leveling up somewhere in the 40's.

  • MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

    Aion is actually what we are /currently/ playing. It's a decently fun game, but we don't know if top level is worth getting to. Along with their item system. Having no need before greed allows for alot of rude people, if you get my drift =/

  • AnirethAnireth Member UncommonPosts: 940

    How about Guild Wars? You can get through in a few hours if you want, or take your time (months).

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  • DaftDaft Member UncommonPosts: 170

    nm your playing that

  • BTrayaLBTrayaL Member UncommonPosts: 624

    Lineage 2 and its sieges. Nothing beats that, if you can level to the decent level and gear up, that is..

  • MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

    Has Guild wars changed at all? My boyfriend said he played it years ago and the only end game was a 5v5 style arena.

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Originally posted by Mistial

    Has Guild wars changed at all? My boyfriend said he played it years ago and the only end game was a 5v5 style arena.


    GW has tons of PvE content through the different games. Usually you hit max level (20) well before you're even halfway through the content.


    I'm actually toying with the idea of playing GW. I installed it and retrieved my info, but I don't like the idea of playing solo.


    GW can be a lot of fun. If you plan on playing GW2 then it couldn't hurt to get your achievements going.

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    How are you liking Aion? I'm tempted to try it out again.

  • WispahWispah Member Posts: 14
    Hey, I really think community is important as well which made me dislike a lot of games because it was like people only wanted to talk to you to make a trade then go do there own thing again. Anyway that's why I truelly do recommend Luminary:The rise of the Goonzu.

    Truely addictive game, which thrives on community... A player is elected by other players every month to be the Goonzu (King/Queen) of the land, the town system brings a group of people together as a town unit, Players are also run the towns with certain townies chosen as Town chief, Bank head, hunting ground head, etc.. Since the buildings in your town are controlled and put up by players, they also make money for the town while outsides come to use them, I.e. The market. Then you have the guild system.

    As no player is the same on skill level and stats, once you reach the ending levels which does take a bit of work, there is still much to do. I took a break recently (real life drama), but once I returned the level max was increased (again) and new hunting spots were added (again).. The game forever grows. Before I left I was almost max level so let me say all I was still working on to give you an idea of how much there is to do. (There's even more possibilities)

    - Was raising my weapon skills - as your not stuck to one class, a master archer can also go on to train his swordsman skills.
    - Was increasing my second weapon to Rank10 - Weapons have stat difference, we may have the same weapon, they may look the same but when I made mine I was lucky enough to get better stats... When you Rank a weapon, there are 10 ranks... With the use of elemental stones (I.e. Fire stones) you can add extra elemental damage, you hit harder, your magics stronger and the higher the rank the cooler the SFX. It's not easy.
    - Lazying about in town, talking with town members (friends).
    - Guild competitions. PVP
    - PKing - there is a certain area where you can teleport into a cursed zone, it will look exactly like a place you go to hunt, but its full of shadows, as you explore the dark parts become clear. The exp killing monsters here are x2 however once your level 50 you can be attacked by another player. We play for keeps... If your killed there is a chance you drop something in your equipment to the killer (not on the floor), This can be the weapon you worked hard on Ranking, armour etc... It also has a chance of breaking before the killer gets it.. And disappears. When your ready to PK, it is a big adrenaline rush, I forget I'm playing a grinding game and it gets fast paced.
    - Buying stocks in my town, trying to gain money to invest money.
    - Make a Master grade or Perfect Grade weapon - 0.1% of everything made (even armour and tools) has the chance to be perfect grade. (Tbh I think its less of a %) just because of the % doesnnt mean there aren't quiet a few but there rareness makes you want to be in the crew. A perfect grade weapon is 300% the stats of the same weapons average stats, making it a monster, a PG also comes with a golden glow around it another yummy SFX
    - Was helping a friend run for Goonzu (they became the Goonzu as I left)
    - increasing my manufacturing level. - each item catergory has a manufacturing level, from axe manu to medicine manu.

    So yeah I did much more but I'm getting lazy. Google Ndoors Luminary, download it and come play with us. Play on Athena server they are the most friendliest server and we are more your rivals than your enemies (there are some you'd like to drop in a cursed zone though :p yoink there weapon)

    When you start look for Caelum if you have any questions... Oh and when you first start a box pops up saying who recommended you, put "Caelum" !! I don't actually get anything good from that till your a high level but I can guarantee you'll love it if you give it a try...

    Made me write a long time post... That's how much I love it.
  • WispahWispah Member Posts: 14
    Sorry for the double post, I'm on my phone so for some reason it didn't paragraph well, I'll edit once I get to a computer! My bad...
  • SiveriaSiveria Member UncommonPosts: 1,414

    Dark age of camelot, at endgame its not some lame theme park raids like rift and WoW, who both is a real waste of time to bother with the endgame due to no use for the gear. At max level in daoc you can do realm vs realm combat (also is numberous battlegrounds as u go up in level) to help your realm out by taking keeps and such, and to also earn you realm skill points for special skills and stat bonuses. Kinda a old game and its more of a grinder to max level, its more oldschool than the casual wow and rift.

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  • MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

    Hethros - I actually enjoy the game itself, but theres some factors in the game that bothers me. Ideally we want a game with, something to do. Maybe once the game gets the massive patch, it'll be more desirable but as far as I'm concerned once you hit 55 it's 5 instances and chance at world pvp, alittle bland for me.


    Wispah - You make the game sound really awesome, but it looks alot like ragnorok to me. Which while fun, just doesn't do it for me =x


    Siveria - Yeah, Back in the day, that was my Boyfriends first mmo and /appreantly/ his favorite. He actually redownloaded it and made a trial account. He said the game is just too 'primitive for him'

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Mistial, when was the last time you played Aion? The patch was released last week I believe, that's why they are offering the free trial now.


    They are having a reactivation week with exp bonuses and such starting this Friday for anyone interested.


    I was super curious and downloaded the client to start with a free trial and mess around wth a sin. I'm torn between starting a new sin and trying to level up my old glad (he's 30ish).


    The patch apparently added 2 instances, one of which is a gauntlet that seems like it could be fun. I don't know how much replayability that adds, but yah, that's what most MMOs suffer from today is lack of endgame content.


    GW has tons of content if you do all the campaigns + the bonus missions. I hopped in to mess around with my old ranger and had a pretty good time, but these days it's all about using your henchmen and the grouping is really limited.

  • MistialMistial Member Posts: 11

    I played about 3 days ago, I'm more referring to the patch, that introduces new classes. I think it's 3.0?

  • WispahWispah Member Posts: 14

    Thanks :) ... Yeah I dislike ragnarok too, but I'd say it's closer to Maple in a 3d-er (yeah thats in the dictionary... ok maybe it isn't) thats why I mentioned it.

    I hope you do find the perfect game! *Thumbs up*

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Originally posted by Mistial

    I played about 3 days ago, I'm more referring to the patch, that introduces new classes. I think it's 3.0?


    Ah damn and the endgame content is still underwhelming? How are the sieges? Are they anything like L2 sieges?


    It's a rough stage right now. I tried doing a few missions in GW but without hero henchmen it's simply impossible. I was levelin up a sin but your words have been quite demoralizing :p. I hate leveling, I like endgames.

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    You guys should pick up Guild Wars so I have people to group with. :)


    I see it as the best option atm to be honest. TONS of PvE content. Fairly balanced PvP action. Very instanced, but oh well that's not too bad when most game worlds are lacking population anyway.


    I love the classes and trying to set up different builds, that's tons of fun. Also tons of fun how all the different builds come together to group.



    I need people to group with! :) Also, you're building towards GW2 if I remember correctly, so that's your endgame.

  • NoriSarelNoriSarel Member Posts: 14

    Don't know if you are interested in Sci-Fi games, but EVE Online doesn't have a grindfest to get to the endgame because the whole game is the endgame...  ;)  Worth checking out IMO. I love the game and once you get into it and get in a good corp (Or just make one for you two) you can have a blast. There is so much to do and offline skill training is great. Otherwise, Wurm Online is kind of cool; doesn't really have a endgame as you play to have fun.

    In summary... If you like Sci-Fi and complex and rewarding gameplay I would say go with EVE. Just remember it has a big learning curve, so be prepared to do research and make sure to give the game a chance as it can be very daunting at first.

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