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Witcher 2: Made Me SO Sad

sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

i just completed the game on hard difficulty in 32 hours according to steam. i couldnt be more any more sad right now, gaming wise. the world was so immersive, the story so compelling, the action so fun that i didnt want it to end =( im now sitting at my PC, twiddling my thumbs and thinking about what to play next, but in reality i just wanna play more TW2.

ME2 was my favourite game for a long time, but frankly, TW2's world made ME2's world seem like a child's cartoon in which: characters are black or white (i.e. good vs. evil), motives are linear, your conversation choices dont have TOO much of an impact, and the world is small and simple. TW2 embodied a certain realism, freakishly reminiscent of the real world. characters were complex, like human nature is, and thus treacherous. i felt deeply immersed in the Witcher's dark ages. please sah, can i has sum mo?


  • chiksochikso Member Posts: 150

    For all we know CD Projekt is unveiling a new project at E3 image

  • HaegemonHaegemon Member UncommonPosts: 267

    Just replay it, make new choices.

    Without direct spoilers, there are multiple versions of some chapters. Not just same-place, rehash quest, but night/day different chapters to experience.


    That and something like 16ish endings, though I'd wager its more like 6-7 genuine with permutations a-la FO-series.


    Plus, unless you cheated, you couldn't have experienced each tree as its own form of mastery, which definitely looks like a fun thing to explore IMO, and worth the second replay.

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  • KalferKalfer Member Posts: 779

    How many endings are there in The Witcher 2?


    Also have you read the Witcher books? supposedly a lot of the backstory in witcher 2 is directly tied into the books and not the first game!

  • sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

    oh yea for sure, im gonna replay it. just not until a DLC is out or something.

  • expressoexpresso Member UncommonPosts: 2,218

    I find the game frustrating in many ways - have to play it on easy to make it enjoyable for me.  Tried it with an xbox pad but the menus are far too complicated and cluttered to navigate with a pad so back to mouse and keyboard.

    It's a lovely looking game - even on medium settings but the interface and the whole meditation thing is a big fail IMHO, Ill stick with it but would be nice if they "streamlined the menus" and removed the pointless meditation mechanic.

  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,399

    Nice even shorter then DA2.  Didn't think that was possible.  And this is with the open world? lol :P

  • KshahdooKshahdoo Member Posts: 553

    Originally posted by Swanea
    Nice even shorter then DA2.  Didn't think that was possible.  And this is with the open world? lol :P

    Nah, there are 2 completely different stories after Act 1. So it's another 16 hours, perhaps more...

  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    there are 16 different endings. I'm on my third play through and still having fun.

    Besides different endings, there are all kinds of ways you can change your experience via character builds and gear.

    Nice replayability.

    But yes......a tad short.


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