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"Reloaded" treatment for Auto Assault

TheRiveterTheRiveter Member UncommonPosts: 19

With APB: Reloded creeping ever closer to open beta the question is posed: If this works for APB what other failed IP's could be reworked into a successfull F2P game?

I for one thing Auto Assault would make a good Reloaded f2p title. It was a decent game, although waaaaaay under developed at release, and I believe it could be a very successfull relaunch.

What do you think?

What other dead games would make a good f2p game with a decent overhaul?



  • enoliceenolice Member UncommonPosts: 71

    I would love to see again Matrix Online F2P option

  • VaultFairyVaultFairy Member UncommonPosts: 566

    Originally posted by enolice

    I would love to see again Matrix Online F2P option

    Oh gosh, that was the very first MMO i bought. My PC then wasn't even able to play it properly but i'd love to see it back alive, the combat looked so much fun.

  • GreenWidowGreenWidow Member Posts: 157

    Would love to see Auto Assault brought back.  I loved that game.

    Was a real shame when they closed the doors.   Really good play.

    Nothing like driving thru the wastes and blasting away in a souped up ride.   I miss it.

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  • ScrimMalteseScrimMaltese Member Posts: 469

    Auto Assault was garbage, don't even kid yourself. 

    They were giving it away completely free, and people still weren't playing it. 

    AA died because it was a terrible game. APB died, because the Realtime Worlds CEO pissed away $100million somehow and went flat broke. 

  • ScrimMalteseScrimMaltese Member Posts: 469

    Originally posted by TheRiveter

    I like how you spout "knowlege" without citing any actual examples.
    Even an opinion should be supported with examples.
    Otherwise you are just a loud troll.
    Auto assault wasn't good at all? Ok, fair enough. But what about it wasn't good? I would bet you didn't even play the game. You just read the most recent top 5 article and now you know that that NC/Netdevil over-saturated the market with box copies.
    Gratz. great way to contribute to the discussion.

    Well for one, you were stuck in your car. How are you going to create a car game, where you can't constantly change cars? I mean, that really seems like it would be the point. Yeah, you could change them a little, but you couldn't go to your garage and completely grab a new car. You were stuck, because your car was your class. Just a rediculous premise. Want to drive something else? Re-Roll. 

    The combat was too fast paced and hard to follow. It made it very chaotic. 

    The cities were buggy and laggy as hell. 

    The entire premise of the game was a failure from the start and just tried to create a massive Twisted Metal or Carmageddon, instead of really looking at it from an MMO perspective. The entire design concept was very shobby and seemed to be quickly designed. Kinda made you feel like you had 5 or 6 stoners in a room together playing Twisted Metal and one of them said "hey... lets make a car MMO!".

    There were alot more downfalls, but the game was released over 5yrs ago and the main thing I remember about it, was how terrible it was. I do remember that they only had something like 5000 subs after 4 or 5 months, though. Maybe it was boxes sold... who knows. Still incredibly low. 

    Yes, I played... not much, but I played. I probably put a good 20-40hrs into the game.

    But yeah... I didn't know about them giving it away free until I read the thing recently on this site. I remember seeing the boxes sitting in Gamestop and on Walmart shelves collecting dust though. 

    I actually haven't even played APB and I probably never will. But, I know people actually loved that game and it was growing fairly rapidly. I was looking forward to MyWorld (the other Realtime Worlds game).

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,324

    Not for me. AAs idea is great but they should not have used regular MMO mechanics for it. 

    The potential of that type of game is huge, make a new one based on the mechanics of Steve Jackson's "Car wars" instead and add the option of leaving the car for missions and instances. 

  • ArcheminosArcheminos Member Posts: 283

    Regardless of what the other person trolling was saying considering you could change cars, and there was nothing wrong with the cities except they really served no purpose, AA was a fun game, it just had some flaws. I would love to see it brought back. But considering NCSoft holds the rights, its unlikely.

  • NeokiNaomiNeokiNaomi Member UncommonPosts: 350

    If any dead IP deserves revival, personally I think nothing rivals that of "Earth & Beyond"... So many hours spent in that lovely creative game, I'd love to play it again.

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