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Hows the pvp and?

rubydragon5rubydragon5 Member UncommonPosts: 648

Im currently looking for a new mmorpg to call home and FE caught my eye.


How does the pvp work in this game?

Any pros/ cons to winning or losing in pvp?

is there player looting?

Also are clans able to control towns? are there benefits to this?


Hows the pve?, bosses etc?


is crafting any good?



  • sanskritsanskrit Member UncommonPosts: 89

    Fallen Earth is not the game you want for pvp. Because they have never been able to get the combat system right, they create rafts of new bugs with every patch. Certain beta guilds in the game have inside information from someone associated with the game, and what they don't get that way, they test and test to find the "angles" on the test server, then exploit the bugs in pvp instead of reporting them.

    The game is extremely understaffed, so exploiters and outright hackers have free reign in pvp without accountability. The FE arena, bloodsports has been broken and exploited since day one. There was a bug that put twice the number of players on one capture the flag team as the other that stayed ingame for MONTHS. How ridiculous is that?

    Macroing skiills is expressly forbidden in the TOS/EULA, yet the main pvp clan in the game is full of very obvious macroers. You can even see the macros in their gloat videos they post to youtube.

    For PvP, go to something like Global Agenda or Guild Wars, stay far away from FE. Game is dead anyway and not going anywhere good.

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