Is it worth playing again?

xeochangexeochange Member Posts: 13

Im not sure, i stopped playing a few months ago because i was feeling bored of the game. But im wondering if i should come back. Is it worth it?



  • thinktank001thinktank001 Member UncommonPosts: 2,144

    It hasn't fundamentally changed at all, but alot of the adventure classes are being revamped.   I believe the first patch (chaos patch)  comes on june 29th and that will be the warrior and mage revamp.   Youtube would probably be a good start to look at the changes that being made if you have one of those classes.  


    Skill professions are also being added. i.e. mining, jewelcrafting, etc.  I think there are 5 of them.


    The next class revamp is the archer classes (bowman/xbowman).  It was just recently implemented on the kts server and there is no date for it to come to gms.  My guess would be that it will be this fall and probably include the thief/pirate revamp.


    IMHO, the game is way to P2W to even consider playing, and it seems like every couple of months there is a new exploit that either requires a rollback or screws up the economy.    Damn this game was so awesome back during beta and before 3rd jobs. 

  • xeochangexeochange Member Posts: 13

    Well, thanks for the info, for the moment i have like a lvl 40 Thief/Dual Blade, i had gathered from free credits for some clothes from doing offers and such. I was having alittle fun doing some of the quest and getting items. Then they did the big bang update then that took my "flow" off. After that i just sttopped playing. I still dont know if i start up again but any other opinions would help.

  • bisurgebisurge Member UncommonPosts: 168

    Just ignore the idiots who use cash (seriously, it's a waste of money for a game you're just supposed to have fun with).

    The game is too P2W to play as a hardcore MMO gamer, but if you're just casual, it's good enough to give it a shot, especially with the skill revamps (it makes almost all of your skills useful so instead of spamming only two moves like before you can use a majority of them).

    Also, try to play with your friends instead of just by yourself. The community in Maplestory isn't very good... probably because it consists mostly of pre-high school kids.

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