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Is it worth it to return?

heyyonheyyon Member CommonPosts: 3

I quit WoW shortly into Cataclysm due to real life issues.  But, I'm now debating a return.  My prime reason is that I very much miss the regular play time of guild raids in vanilla WoW.  I've been playing the game on and off since, along with other games, but haven't really found that element again.  Is it me not sticking with games long enough?  Is WoW a place I could find a home in?  Assuming a complete reroll, will I find it hard to pick up and go?  WIll it be a terrible uphill fight to get into a guild and get to end-game content?


An advanced thank you for any replies!




  • Skeeter870Skeeter870 Member Posts: 75

    If that's your goal, yes, entirely uphill, both ways, in the snow, etc.

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