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So... using my free play time for the first time since the NGE...

Yeah was a little bored with EVE, make too much isk I suppose, so found my old account info and logged into SWG... Holy shit is it dead.

Ahazi anyway.

So I'd like to at least try to play for the month I have, understand jedi are shite now (pre cu jedi) 

I'd like to transfer servers, but my name's taken on the only two that arent (very light)

so... which server should I use my free transfer to? 

It's quite depressing to log into mos eisley/theed and see 5 people



  • ericlatrelleericlatrelle Member UncommonPosts: 176
    If u want to be guaranteed to see a lot of players, go to Starsider. Second most populace is Flurry. If u want Europeans to play with, go to Farstar.
  • lordstarwolflordstarwolf Member Posts: 53

    starsider is locked. but thanks. I don't mind the euros... I play eve after all


  • hyllstarterhyllstarter Member UncommonPosts: 203

    Yeah I heard flurry has a good population. But the pvp has been the best on Chilastra.


  • Adhesive33Adhesive33 Member UncommonPosts: 227

    I was really excited to check out SWG after being absent since Pre-CU. I had a master creature handler and was excited to be able to start as a level 59 Jedi right out the gate. I transfered over to Flurry, and set out on my Legacy quest on Tatooine. I haven't seen a single other player since! Where the hell is everyone? This is the second most populated server? I haven't ran into a single person on a planet that, last time I was around, was one of the more heavily populated ones. I thought for sure there would be tons of people coming back for the free 45 days. I guess I need to find a guild...if there is anyone out there, please send a tell to Sin-tsumi Shinigami. I'd love to find some friendly people to help ease me back into the game.

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