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Hmm Looks like the SOE site is back up.. You commin back ?

bumfmanbumfman Member Posts: 276

I am going to come back for the free time.. not sure if i will be staying.

Work hard Play Harder


  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,226

    Dont really feel like logging in to eq right now.  Playing lotro instead.  I may change my mind when kunark opens up but I just dont know.  Havent cancelled account yet.

  • DarkPonyDarkPony Member Posts: 5,566

    Not playing an SOE game but clicking the last option to see the poll results.

    ( crew, make poll results public please)

  • KooshdinKooshdin Member Posts: 217

    I changed my password and then decided to play 45 days of planetside because planetside was the game i did not get to play as much as i wanted because swg came out 2 months after planetside lol

    I dont want o use 45 days of swg because its nge swg not precu swg. I dont need to play eq2 because its free to play so yeah planetside it is and so far im very excited i got to play this free because i was reluctant to go back because of the population i imagined now. Im able to log in and get to battles right away even through the day too and its just fun to play !


    Thansk soe you havent lost me as a customer even if you had  given away my details on about 10 accounts lol. Trust me ive changed every password ican think off so they not related in anyway to my soe accounts. And yes i have about 10 accounts and maybe even more because ive made new accounts often to try out free trials and i had about 3 swg accounts too.



    Again thanks soe and im happy .


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