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EU SW:TOR RP Guild start up.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen.

I decided that I would take the initiative and start up my own EU RP SW:TOR guild, to see whom I could attract, I hope you all don't mind me posting on here to try and raise awareness. But if you're interested "Guardians of Eclipse" is open to all, it's my first time running something so serious, so I'm looking for dedicated RP'ers to join me in my mission, maybe even some of my old WoW comrades may jump over. I'm not sure yet. But yeah, thanks for your time and please check out the Guild start up on the SW:TOR site found here http://www.swtor.com/guilds/82685/guardians-eclipse

If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me here or on there. 

Cheers folks.



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