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Beta Key Thread



  • cypriscypris Member UncommonPosts: 8

    Please can I have a key?

  • pgqsilverpgqsilver Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Can I have a beta key for AoEO please?

  • arimoosearimoose Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I would like a beta key please.

  • Rome7997Rome7997 Member Posts: 1

    beta key plz xD

  • gostlygostly Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Can i get a key please?

  • waterwizardwaterwizard Member Posts: 33

    May I have a key please?

  • seiniseini Member Posts: 1

    May i have a key please? :)

  • iflargiflarg Member Posts: 1

    Omg, You giving away keys?

    Can i have one?

  • shadowedmoonshadowedmoon Member Posts: 1

    If you have any beta keys left, I'd be much obliged if you'd be willing to give me one. I'm an old veteran of the game and I'd love to get back into it.

  • oleander2882oleander2882 Member Posts: 4

    If there are any keys left i would appreciate one.  Would love to give this game a test.

    Thank you

  • peepers2032peepers2032 Member Posts: 3
    Is anyone still receiving keys?
  • LtmazLtmaz Member Posts: 5

    I would like a key if they are still being given out.



  • pratham2003pratham2003 Member Posts: 1

    I would love to have a key too please.

  • peepers2032peepers2032 Member Posts: 3

    I believe the key giveaway is over.

  • rdickerhoofrdickerhoof Member Posts: 1

    If the key givewway is still on, plz plz plz kkthxbai

  • megicd78megicd78 Member UncommonPosts: 20

    If keys are still being given out I would love 2 so my husband and I can try it. Thanks

  • calvinjosephcalvinjoseph Member Posts: 1

    Please Send Beta Key if there are any left.


    Thanks and  Game on



  • KelthiusKelthius Member UncommonPosts: 298

    I would also like one. I'm also playing Dawn of Fantasy, so being able to test the 2 MMORTS games would be a great comparison.

  • Bender009Bender009 Member Posts: 1

    are there any more keys? i would like one...

  • bl4ckc0rebl4ckc0re Member Posts: 1

    I would appreciate one, too.

    Please :'(

  • SanguinelustSanguinelust Member UncommonPosts: 812

    I'm pretty sure that yesterday, and if not yesterday then today, is the cut off for beta. I got in the beta last weekend and they said that this was going to be it unti August when the game comes out. It's not really an MMO, it's more just AoE multiplayer, but it is a lot of fun so far. I think I may pick it up when it's released if only for just a game to jump into to kill an hour here and there. It's easy to pick up and put down so to say.

  • Teirm676Teirm676 Member Posts: 5

    I can has beta key?

  • DragimDragim Member UncommonPosts: 867

    Beta key please!

    Age of Beta Key!

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • LexinLexin Member UncommonPosts: 701

    Can I get a beta key please.


  • AnimeGodAnimeGod Member CommonPosts: 12

    key please :)

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