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Beta Key Thread



  • eliska21eliska21 Member Posts: 1

    yet another beta hopeful =D

  • d3vgrud3vgru Member Posts: 1

    Im huge AoE fan, could i get a invite plz?

  • gcastgcast Member Posts: 1

    could I have a beta key please.

  • aggroaggro Member Posts: 1

    I've played all the other age of empires games, and would love a key.

  • dhutzeldhutzel Member Posts: 7

    Any keys still available I would like to request 2 for wife and self to play.

  • TitusMjordTitusMjord Member Posts: 1

    If there's any keys left, or one that nobody needs send it my way :)

  • brad31781brad31781 Member UncommonPosts: 55

    I'd like a key if any are left, thanks!

  • rturcicrturcic Member Posts: 1

    I would love a beta key to try this game out! I have been waiting for a MMO like this one and was so excited to see it was in development! :)

  • SaburoSakaiSaburoSakai Member Posts: 1

    I've played every single age of empires and well even played the many rather random games they made (Galactic Batlegrounds or whatever the starwars version of age of empires, and the age of mythology) as well. However i felt Age of Empires III did not do the age of empires series justice. I'm hoping that Age of Empires Online will be able to revitalize the thrill for strategy games that Age of Empires I and II did for me. I would like a beta key, however i'm looking forward for the release

  • AngryBeaverAngryBeaver Member UncommonPosts: 46

    Awesome Idea MS!  I would love to help Beta this!

  • MirikeMirike Member Posts: 1

    Not gonna lie, I created my account to try and get a beta key. I love the age of empire style rts genre and have been playing them for years. This one looks awesome, and getting a trial in before it comes out would be even more awesome!

  • ruckusSickruckusSick Member Posts: 1

    I'm not gonna lie either, I really really want one of those keys anyone have one? I love age of empires.. and just realized that it has  been in beta a long time... I would really love a key for this beta test.

  • adeptinwaradeptinwar Member Posts: 40

    I know i probably have no chance at a beta key now since i just found this game too late it seems. But if someone has a spare i would really appreciate getting one.




  • FhizzexFhizzex Member Posts: 1

    Unfortunately, I just found this post. Any beta keys left?

  • MariotheGeepMariotheGeep Member Posts: 1

    I also found this just the other day.. If anyone has a spare key and wouldn't mind sending one my way it'd be greatly appreciated! Wouldn't mind getting my hands on this game for a little :)

  • Bosssman2009Bosssman2009 Member Posts: 2

    Hello DLangely,

    Will you please provide me with a Beta Key as well? I would really appreciate it. I do also agree with you as far as the buying power goes. Not right as I don't have the kind of money that some have. Anyways, please provide me with a Beta Key and thank you for making this thread.

  • Centurion77Centurion77 Member Posts: 1

    I would love to Beta test this game, I have played every AoE since the first demo and AoE II was by far my favourite. If you have any keys please let me know!


    Thank you

  • Bosssman2009Bosssman2009 Member Posts: 2

    Hello MMORPG gamers,

    Will somebody please send me a message with a BETA key to Age of Empires online. I'm a gamer and enjoy hours of gameplay espesically with MMOs and MMORPGs. I would be very greatful. Also, I'm glad I found this site. I created my account today but definately will be checking this site out more often. GREAT SITE!!

  • zWolfzWolf Member Posts: 88

    I'd love a Beta Key.  Thank you for considering me as a beta tester.


    Wadehone @

    Thank you,

    zWolf -out.

  • Pickle875Pickle875 Member UncommonPosts: 8

    My friend and I would both love a beta key to test this out if anyone has a key left.


    My email:  [email protected]

    Friends email:  [email protected]

  • WreckoniingWreckoniing Member UncommonPosts: 279

    Would love one, [email protected]

  • chrismochrismo Member Posts: 19

    hi there could you send one my way pls :)

    peace out

  • peepers2032peepers2032 Member Posts: 3

    I'd like a beta key please

  • OthorOthor Member Posts: 14

    Age of Empires is one of my all time faves, a beta key would be awesome!

  • shogoboomshogoboom Member Posts: 1

    Can I get a Beta key please?

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