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Beta Key Thread



  • oddball7465oddball7465 Member Posts: 1

    It'd be sweet if I could get a key while we are at it

  • barneszillabarneszilla Member Posts: 1

    Would love a beta key



  • mangobobmangobob Member Posts: 7
    I'd like a key please
  • SloMotionSloMotion Member Posts: 1

    If anyone has a spare key left, I'd seriously appreciate one as well.

  • rodastarodasta Member Posts: 1

    I would like a key pls;)

  • DuhBeastDuhBeast Member Posts: 1

    i want one! Im a RTS and AoE fan for years. Cheers :D

  • mangobobmangobob Member Posts: 7

    I havent gotten a response today.  Has anyone?  Or are the mods off due to holiday?

  • cBukBaucBukBau Member Posts: 1

    Hi there, if there is 1 more beta key, may I request ?

    request :)

  • thunder6700thunder6700 Member Posts: 1

    AOE was one of my all time favorite strategy game. I would love to try AOEO, thank you.

  • amkobamkob Member Posts: 4

    I would love a beta key if anyone has a spare

  • Blooddawn21Blooddawn21 Member UncommonPosts: 14

    if still theres any beta key, i would love have one, plz, im big fan of AOE :D

    thanks again

    u got to risk it, to get the biscuit

  • akux96akux96 Member Posts: 1

    Would u mind to give me the [AOE-Online] Beta Keys?

    Give ME Give ME !! image image image image image image image image

  • darkrage7darkrage7 Member Posts: 1

    Please could you give me a AOE online key, ive lost mine :(.


  • TufffireguyTufffireguy Member Posts: 1

    i would like a key if possible

  • AnimeGodAnimeGod Member CommonPosts: 12

    Would really love a key is poss :) cheers!

  • BoensBoens Member Posts: 1

    Still any keys?

    I would like one.. :D

  • wanderer0621wanderer0621 Member Posts: 1

    looks fun! beta key please if  one's available!

  • GuavagirlGuavagirl Member Posts: 1


    Could I get a Key please? Love this series!!


  • DerapDerap Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Would be very appreciative to anyone with a key to this =]

  • poliboypoliboy Member Posts: 39

    plz pretty pretty plz i need a key.

  • HejietHejiet Member Posts: 49

    Good day!

    I would appreciate a key as well, I would love to participate in the beta!


  • DuysterDuyster Member Posts: 1

    I would like a key please, if there are any left.

    I would really appreciate it!



  • ngtaubengtaube Member Posts: 1

    I, too, would really like a beta key if there are any more! Please let me know!

  • b0rg123b0rg123 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    would love a beta key i have owned every aoe game, and love every min of my play time with htem

  • igro1igro1 Member Posts: 1

    if someone still have one please send me the beta key.....im crazy about this game!

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