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Beta Key Thread



  • CRAZYCAN00KCRAZYCAN00K River Hebert, NSMember UncommonPosts: 47

    I would love a key if you have any left , thank you if you have one for me.


  • abaddon420abaddon420 fuck, AZMember Posts: 1

    I'd like a key if there's still any available.

  • VulskoVulsko Canton, GAMember Posts: 80

    Would love to get my hands on a key for this game. :)

  • smokey1223smokey1223 haltom, TXMember Posts: 23

    Age of Empires Closed Beta officially ended on the 1st. They are releasing the game Aug 16th to everyone! there are currently forum events going on for early access but if im not mistaken its only a day in advance so not worth worrying over..

  • clankyaspclankyasp sydneyMember Posts: 213

    Beta is over guys. its releasing on 16th of august. i really enjoyed the beta cant wait for release.

  • AnzactrooperAnzactrooper TokyoMember Posts: 2

    To whom it may concern if there are Age of Empire Betas Keys available may i be able to have 1 of these sent to my email please would be much appreciated 


  • SloppyApeSloppyApe Porterville, CAMember Posts: 26

    Yes please.

  • TinkerGnomeTinkerGnome B-Ville, ARMember Posts: 21

    Not too late for one is it?

  • smokey1223smokey1223 haltom, TXMember Posts: 23

    The Pre release has started. The only way to get a pre release key is doing forum events on thier site. However, If anyone happens to have one they aren't/can't use. I will be more than happy to use it for you ^^. GL and HF to anyone who gets in, I'll see you on the 16th at the latest!!

  • kosdethkosdeth Edmonton, ABMember UncommonPosts: 36

    I would like a key, if thier still available?

  • HappyNinjaHappyNinja Mesa, AZMember Posts: 1

    I'd like one, if any are available.

  • NooiTNooiT Member Posts: 93

    requesting a key

  • DevvholicDevvholic Elk Grove, CAMember Posts: 71

    I would love a key plz and thank you :D

  • TravisLAllen1983TravisLAllen1983 Narrows, VAMember Posts: 1
    can i have a key please
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