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Asda 2: Evolution CBT Player Review

BaoHoangBaoHoang Member Posts: 1

My first review on MMORPG but this is basically my review on the new MMORPG released by Gamescampus on April 06, 2011 though it was released into CBT. Asda 2: Evolution is the newer version of Asda Story. New things have been added such as swimming and jumping. The gameplay has also changed greatly and the graphics are amazing. Link to the review: http://forum.gamescampus.com/viewtopic.php?f=508&t=81796&sid=948d2abb314dd5975c01c51dd9b2a9f2

I hope you enjoy the review and all criticism is accepted. This MMORPG tends to lean towards teens around the age of 14 and older. If you're an anime fan, you'll enjoy this game since it's an anime based MMORPG.


[color=#0000FF][u][b][size=200]I. Introduction[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[size=150]Asda 2: Evolution is an anime based MMORPG allowing characters to do many things. It has been released in Asia as AsdaR and has been quite successful so far though there are still bugs and glitches needed to be fixed. Though most people mistake that Asda 1 will be closed since Asda 2 has been released, you can trust that statement is false, Asda 1 and Asda 2 will run and develop side by side.

1. Create their own personalized character from multiple varieties of hair, hair color, faces, and constellation (such as Gemine, Virgo, etc..).

2. Jump and Swim (New added feature from Asda Story 1).

3. Fight against other players in a "Faction War".

4. Adventure through various towns and complete many quests.

5. Pick a soulmate to enjoy the game more with benefits.

6. Enjoy a diverse community of people.

7. Go through dungeons that require you to interact with other players to be able to get through.[/size]

This is the area where your newly made character will spawn and where your first quest to start your adventure will begin~!


[color=#40FFBF][u][b][size=200]II. Chatting System and Community[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[size=150]Asda 2: Evolution has a very diverse chatting system. You can create a chat room to chat with multiple people, shout to people in the same area or talk normally, whisper to other people, and have private clan chats. Like the chatting system, the community is also diverse. As you know, there is always some type of profanity in the game but in Asda 2, the chat filter blocks most of it so if you want to say something naughty, you're going to have to use abbreviations. The community is also full of many different races allowing you to find someone of your own type to talk to. The chat is active about 90% of the time since there's always someone wanting to buy an item, looking for a party, or just wanting to chat. Overall, I would give the chatting system an 8/10 because it still allows some words to get through and the community an 8.5/10.[/size]


[color=#BFBFBF][u][b][size=200]III. Character Creation[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[size=150]Like many games, Asda 2: Evolution has a character customization system, allowing players to pick through hair styles, hair color, faces, gender, and constellation (for better Soul Mate benefits). The only problem I have with this is that there could be better hair styles for beginners such as longer hair and curly hair. However, there are many faces to pick from, such as a face with a pirate patch, or a funny, evil-looking face. Overall, I give the character creation system an 9/10.[/size]


[color=#FFBF00][u][b][size=200]IV. Gameplay[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[size=150]As you know, you can jump in many games but rarely will you be able to swim. Asda 2: Evolution has enabled players to instead of going around deep ponds like in Asda 1, you will be able to swim through it. Though it looks kind of ridiculous, it will improve your gameplay and leveling time exponentially since some rivers and ponds are enormous! You can also walk using WASD or move using your left mouse click. You can also change the camera angles by using the right side of your mouse. With that, you can also scroll in and out to see the very detailed monsters or your own character. Asda 2: Evolution also has many quests for characters to enjoy, hilarious looking NPCs, and the surrounding environment is greatly detailed. You can also craft items (Common -> Hero), earn war items by going to the Faction War in which you join the "Light" side or the "Dark" side, or hunt and buy them from other players. There are also many NPCs that will sell you items but won't give you as much benefits as the ones you earn. You can also party other players to make your questing/grinding life quicker. The only problem I have with the gameplay is that you are required to pay for your skills. I personally think this shouldn't be needed since it takes awhile to level up in the first place, then finding out you have to pay for your skills. I give the overall gameplay a 9/10 since there are some bugged spots that'll make your player stuck for a bit and of the skill system. The game also has three unique classes you can pick, such as the typical warrior, mage and archer. The warrior tree branches into three weapons, the spear, two-handed sword, and one-handed sword user + a shield. The mage tree branches into three types all using a staff. The three types are healer, buffer, and damage dealer (DD). The archer tree, unlike the other, only has two types. A crossbow user and a bow user. It is usually necessary to have one of each class in a party if you want to clear a dungeon successfully. There is also a Soul Mate system in which you can pick a player to be your Soul Mate in which you can get additional benefits. It's recommended you pick someone you can spend a lot of time with. It also seems that the constellations seem to affect the rate your SM luck levels up (the higher the SM luck (the heart with numbers inside) rises, the more benefits you can get. You can also dig for items such as sand, used for crafting, and many more.The quest system is very simple also, allowing you to click on the mob or item required to get and your player will automatically wlak their.[/size]

This picture shows the party system and a mage. When your party kills the same mob in the same area as you for a quest, it will also add on for your quest.


This is the upgrading system. You upgrade by going to the Blacksmith in each town.


Jumping!!!!!!!!! ^-^


Swimming!!!!!!! :0


The Soul Mate system layout, you can ask someone to be your soulmate if they already don't have one by right-clicking them or clicking the button saying "Find a New Soulmate".


A map of the town of Alpen in the continent of Alpeon. You can click around on the map (get their by pressing M) to go to the area you have pressed. 


[color=#FFBFFF][u][b][size=200]V. Graphics[/size][/b][/u][/color] 

[size=150]The graphics in Asda 2: Evolution are phenomenal compared to Asda 1. The pixels aren't as shuffled and the coloring is more fit to the area the monsters are placed. Developers have also added in a few new monsters that if you played the game, you can see for yourself. Though some NPCs still look awkward, their body is the right size. The towns and wilderness are very beautiful unless you decide to lower the graphics since if you decide to play with good graphics, your gameplay will be slightly slower. I give the gameplay a 9.5/10 because it hasn't been perfected yet.[/size]


[color=#BFBF40][u][b][size=200]VI. Sounds/Music[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[size=150]The sounds in this game is pretty unique compared to other games. The music seems peaceful and you can also hear the mobs screech before they die (each mob sounds different). The music changes when you go out of the town and into the town. Skills also have sounds also everytime you hit a mob or buff up. I give the sound/music system a 9/10 since sometimes, it is annoying when spamming the same skills to listen to it again and again (you can mute the soudns in the System Options in the game).[/size]


[color=#40FFFF][u][b][size=200]VII. Conclusion[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[size=150]Overall, this game is exciting and very similiar to Asda 1 except the map is greatly changed. The biggest change from Asda 1 to Asda 2 are the graphics and war times. The upgrading system unlike Asda 1 allows new players to be able to catch up to the older players which was very hard to do in Asda 1. In all, Asda 2: Evolution gets a 53.5/60 which I think is pretty good. Like other games, this game will get improved greatly. You can also compare this to many popular games such as Maplestory, Flyff, Lunia, and Legend of Edda <- (one of the games featured by Games Campus). You can also enhance your gameplay by buying Campus Credit/Cash aka CC which for everyone dollar you spend, you get 100 CC so it's a 1:100 ratio (pretty good!). There will also be many events you can enjoy ingame and CC events which you can earn CC and get bonus CC if you decide to buy it. I hope you enjoyed reading this lengthy review D: and sincerely hope that this game will improve greatly. Btw... Thanks Aris for the awesome events :]![/size]



[color=#FFFFFF][b]~[size=150]Closed Beta Tester Bao[/size] [/b][/color]


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