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iPhone only, worth a look?

MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,182

I only have an iPhone and have no desire to get an iPad or iPad2 (pains me enough having an iPhone), I heard the controls are obviously more annoying on the iPhone, but is it unplayable bad or just a minor annoyance? Thx

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  • Silversage84Silversage84 Member Posts: 6

    It's definitely better on iPad 2, but I also have it on my iPhone 4 and it runs very good and is still fun. Everything is just a little mashed up. If it's your only option to play it on iPhone then I say go for it, most people playing are on iPods anyways.

    Edit: You can only play on WiFi unless your iPhone is jailbroken. Then you can play on 3G with apps like My3G, 3G Unrestrictor, etc.

  • TortimerTortimer Member UncommonPosts: 113

    I only play on a iphone and it plays great IMO.  I'm sure it would be even better on a ipad.  I wish I had a one but they are way to expensive.  I'm in two different guilds with a couple of my toons and I think most are using the iphone or ipod touch to play.

  • Bizmah7Bizmah7 Member Posts: 5

    I play it on my iPod, and it works great. It'll be fine on iPhone, but wifi only.

  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Member Posts: 1,880

    can't wait for it to hit android. play it on my ipod touch atm but a 3.5 inch screen is way to small to fully enjoy this game.

  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Member Posts: 1,880

    just hit android works great on my droid x. THe population is gonna explode just hope they keep updating the game. Hate for them to take a wildly successful game and destroy it. Then again it is gameloft.

  • OBK1OBK1 Member Posts: 637

    Works great on iPhone3GS, but I can see why it would be better on a pad.

    BTW, you should also check Celtic Heroes out, quite similiar but not as blatant a WoW-clone as this, plus no sub fee.

    Actually, finally we get to see some decent MMO:s for our phones and pads, this is just the beginning and it is just going to get better :)

  • TekdTekd Member UncommonPosts: 65

    This is a great game. The best MMORPG I've played on an iPhone and it rivals many on the PC. Worth playing. You will probably get hooked. Too bad it only works over wifi for now. You have to play at home or have a hotspot.

  • thepowerlevelthepowerlevel Member Posts: 1

    This is a wonderful mobile game ,when i have spare time ,i always to play it .while gold is hard to get ,not like MMo-game.

    it is a little sad. for i have no a lot of time to farm gold.

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