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L2 help

SokekokeSokekoke Member UncommonPosts: 56

Okay, i'm a old daoc player (5 years) and now i'm gonna give L2 a go.. but i need some basics first..

I enjoy pvp so i'm looking for a good pvp class. Ive heard that Silver Ranger is a decent choice, but i have no clue how to spec them.. dose the spec system work like in daoc, where you have diffrent templates to follow ore dose all the skills just max out in the end..

Is there a lineage char building website like daoc catacombs?

If the Silver ranger is a bad choice, could anyone guide me through another choice?

..and finaly, where do i become a ''class'' atm im a lvl 6 light elver...


Sorry for edit.. if more type errors im sorry, its late in my country image


  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270

    There is no right or wrong in char building really. In the end you will be able to gain all skills available to your class.

    To become a specific "class" you simply do the quests that apply to the class you want to be. For instance to be a Silver Ranger, you would start off as an Elven Fighter. At level 20 you would do the "Elven Scout" quest to become an Elven Scout. Then at leve 40 you would do the "Silver Ranger" quest to become a Silver Ranger... bassically it all just works on the tree system... look here to see what i mean. http://l2orphus.com/skills.php

    Now, as for Silver Ranger being good for PvP... ya he's alright, but deffinatly overrated. Silver Ranger are pretty good for fighting outside of an arena where they have plently of room to run around and "kite" their opponents. However, in an arena fight, Silver Rangers can easily be beaten if you know what you're doing.

    They are the weakest hitters, but fastest runners/shooters of the 3 bow classes, making them good kiters. They are also INSANELY overused, and practically every 1/3 people in Lineage 2 has/is one.

    There are many classes in L2 that are good for PvP... Dark Elven Abyss Walker, Human Treasure Hunter, Elven Plains Walker, Dark Elven Phantom Ranger, Human Hawkeye, Elven Silver Ranger, Human Dark Avenger, Elven Spellsinger, Dark Elven Spellhowler, Human Sorcerrer, Orc Warcryer...

    My personal favorite has to be the Human Treasure Hunter though... I have made 2 of them in my time in L2 and they are just amazing in PvP, Arena or otherwise. They are the Human dagger specialist in case you didnt know.

    What makes them so amazing is they take what makes the other 2 dagger specialists good (The pure damage of the Abyss Walker, and the hit rate of the Plains Walker) and combine the 2 things together (whereas the other 2 can only take one or the other)... In my time playing Treasure Hunters i have found them to be godly in PvP... Yes, even whomping Silver Rangers...

    Anyways the choice is upto you... just pick one you think suits you best. Remember, just because a class isnt good at PvP doesnt mean they suck at everything... Classes like Orc Tyrant are pretty much useless at 1v1 PvP, but in the field they can rip monsters apart like it's nothing... not to mention they have some great AoE attacks that work wonders in castle sieges...

    For some reason people seem to think that if you're not good at PvP, you're not good at all, when that couldnt be any farther from the truth...

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