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What's in the boX Recruiting.

kianahkianah Member Posts: 1

Whats in the boX. [Dragonblight Eu Alliance Guild] 12/12 1/13HC [Group2 10man] team9/12 are lookin to recruit 1Tank 1Mage with either spec Fire 1Hunter and 1other Ranged for3 nights per wk raiding. Times:8pm Server Time to 11pm Server time.Days:Monday, Wednesday,Friday,Must have Knowledge of tactics and a reasonable Progression of around 3/4+Blackwing Descent.2/3+Bastion of Twilight.Throne of the Four Winds.Must be able to use live coms. we use a mixture of Mubmle and Teamspeak3 Players we require must have a item level 350+




1 other Ranged Considered.

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