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First Impressions

jado818jado818 Member Posts: 356

Was fairly bored today so figured I'd give a couple of new games a shot


This one was free and it doesn't seem anybody has put any info out on this website yet so here goes


Download was pretty fast. Game was about 400 MB and the update patch after install was about another 1 MB


Free Game.. standard sign up on website with email and verify.. then log on and create character


I didn't see any annoying pop up adds... or pushy item mall type screens that pop up in a lot of free games every 5 mins


I'm going to assume this game involves micro transactions at some point based on the lack of advertisements and not needing to pay.. but enough about the nuts and bolts.. here's about the game


Creating an account is really fast.. all you need is an email address.. after that you can log on and come to character creation


You can choose from 3 races (human / ogre / elves) and male / female

The game has a futuristic setting and has graphics not unlike diablo 2.  Bird eye view 2D that you can zoom in or out and you are unable to rotate a camera in anyway.


Some might think this is a bad thing.. but for me .. I'd rather have a well made 2D game than a poorly made 3D game. Nothing can kill a game more than blocky 3D for me.


It's well done 2D so i pushed on


Very helpful tutorial / quest tracker / mini-map / npc finder


Extremely hard to get lost and the game has intuitive controls


I thought i was lost at one point because i used a random town warp scroll i received as a quest reward.. but the minimap / world map can help you auto-navigate quickly back to anywhere you wish to go


Simplistic interface design but it works well   (point and click)


-Multiple and varying chat channels

-Mercenaries you can hire / summon

-Immediate access to an auction house (world wide player store)

-Simplified options for blocking spam like random invites or in game messages

-You start off with access to many abilities you can skill / rank up and these abilities can be put onto a hot key bar along with potions or items

-Doesn't require much bandwitdth at all.. I'd imagine a person on a 56k modem could play this game just fine



Has a bit of a korean grinder feel to it though.. but i have only made it to lvl 11 so far and the level cap is 90.

Even with the grinder type feel to the game.. the grind is fairly easy to accomplish because of  the weakness of early mobs and the autoattack demolishing everything while your mercenaries help heal / protect you.


The game is most likely pvp oriented and I may attempt to "grind" a few more levels tomorrow. Seeing as how you can pretty much put your avatar on a group of mobs with autoattack / mercenary support and come back 30 minutes / an hour later heh


Lots of quests... about 20 zones from what I've seen on the world map. The zones don't seem incredibly large.. but then again.. i've only seen 4 of them.


I wouldn't say its the greatest MMO ever made.. but definitly worth a shot  6 out of 10 imo



  • mmoandrpgmmoandrpg Member Posts: 15

    this game is horrible

  • Dru72Dru72 Member Posts: 57

    Originally posted by mmoandrpg
    this game is horrible

    Can you please be more constuctive?

    What elements of the game do you find horrible?, With a bit more info and the pros and cons of a game helps new players decide whether or not to try a game out. Just coming out and stating it's horrible without no clear definition doesn't help in making a decision easier.

    Many thanks

  • MataOCDMataOCD Member Posts: 54
    Altgough this game is highly bugged and unfinished, it's a cool game in my opinion, like a sci-fi Diablo, and I love the sci fi-fantasy mix. RIP 2029 online.
  • YourseYourse Member UncommonPosts: 2
    @jado818 still playing?
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 4,405
    Yourse said:
    @jado818 still playing?
    Holy cow you resurrected a thread from 2012, the last post the guy you pinged made was in 2012 so I doubt you will get an answer.
  • Cabo-furiousCabo-furious Member CommonPosts: 2
    am playing it is maffia rpg game where you create you're own family or join 1 where you can kill each other do drugs deals en playing against the whole world 4 augustus is the reset kom play en join my family Ferrofamilia my name is Cabo-furious 
  • CtacokynCtacokyn Member CommonPosts: 1
    thanks for sharing
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