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Incoming 2.5 and prelude events

VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

NCsoft released a ton of new info on the upcoming 2.5 patch and mentioned that there will be some events going on during the month of may prior to its release:


"To help celebrate and prepare you for the launch of the new Aion, NCsoft will host several major events prior to and after the launch of the patch. Today, the company officially launches a new trailer for the patch showing off the new features; from May 11th through June 10th, Aion will grant players increased XP; from May 18th to the 25th, drop rates will increase; May 18th through June 1st will host the PvP AP event; 2.5 goes live on the 25th; and finally, May 25th to June 10th will see a reduction in instance cooldowns."


see more here

 *edited proper link*

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