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Whats the difference? SO confused

immortal111immortal111 Member UncommonPosts: 54

Alright so I'm looking to play a new game and this caught my mind...reading through several threads i seem to be rather confused? Theres people talking about gpot  aika and t3fun aika and global aika...are these different games? i dont get it o.0 which one should I play? can someone please clear this up for me? thanks!



  • AxeshunAxeshun Member Posts: 82

    There is Aika hosted by gpot and T3fun.  Aika Global is T3fun.  Im not sure but I think Gpot is for NA IPs, but NA IPs can play on Global now(I dunno this for sure).  Some ppl hate gpot so they play T3fun.   I think Global has a higher pop than Gpots(but once again....I dunno 4 sure).  

  • SelfDestructProSelfDestructPro Member UncommonPosts: 322

    I'm also really confused about this.  I'm downloading the Global version and so it's good to hear that it should work, but I'm concerned that it won't be in english.  I really don't like when they have other developers create and host a different version of a game.  I just hope I'm not wasting my time with this Global version if I should be getting the gPotato version.  Cause I'm in North America.

  • GermaximusSGermaximusS Member UncommonPosts: 1,059

    Global is one of the newer versions of the game, right after they made Global they did an SEA one.

    You'll be just fine in the global version.

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  • SelfDestructProSelfDestructPro Member UncommonPosts: 322

    Awesome, thanks.  Cause I was almost done with my download and was really hoping I didn't waste my time.

  • somaseieisomaseiei Member Posts: 16

    Currently the global version merged their nations, it has 2 nations now compared to 5 from the others. I heared that there are also other version of Aika that merged their nations from 5 to 2 but im not sure. But right now in Global, its hard to raid though, but you can see that there are lots of people around you. And when it comes to raid, it rains honor and kills. But many times i got killed while leveling >.<

  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    Gpotato is the current major provider for Aika. Aika Global and the T3Fun version has been closed.  Hope to see you in game!

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