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So how many people actually play?

sc4rr3dr4v3nsc4rr3dr4v3n Member Posts: 12

So I was wondering how many people here actually play CrimeCraft?


{mod edit}

Not really sure how many people actually play but, this game is actually pretty fun in my opinion. There's a pretty nice amount of things to do. Plenty of different gameplay types, and crafting as well. It's a game that I think anyone who enjoys FPS games would LOVE. As you level up you get more skills to use and so on.

So anywho, how many people actually play?



  • Harleking89Harleking89 Member Posts: 68

    Haven't even heard of the game until now. Interesting...

    All it takes is one bad day.

  • sc4rr3dr4v3nsc4rr3dr4v3n Member Posts: 12

    You've never heard of it before?! It's been around for awhile. It was once P2P, then went F2P with an item mall and what not. It's a great game, you should click the pic and check it out man.


  • fjcastelfjcastel Member Posts: 127

    you lost me when you say FPS  i can't stand those type games


  • sc4rr3dr4v3nsc4rr3dr4v3n Member Posts: 12

    well actually i should rephrase, it's not a first person shooter. It's a third person shooter. It also has a gameplay type where you fight against NPCs in missions and so on. If nothing else, at least take a look and check it out. If you don't want to play you dont have to :)


  • bobfishbobfish Member UncommonPosts: 1,679

    I prefer APB:R.


    As simple as the crime mechanics are in APB:R, at least you feel like a criminal, rather than just being in a spiced up TPS.

  • sc4rr3dr4v3nsc4rr3dr4v3n Member Posts: 12

    I was in the closed beta testing, and it isn't that great. They kinda ruined the game in my opinion. The game is extremely laggy. That and there are too many bugs.


  • ep1k-1337ep1k-1337 Member Posts: 13

    Where can I play it at? Is it free to DL and play or what?

  • sibs4455sibs4455 Member UncommonPosts: 369

    I stopped reading when i saw it had a Cash Shop, another Pay2Win game.


  • ageventagevent Member UncommonPosts: 11

    its not pay2win game on the contrary you can play 10 games and always be 1st in the end of each game if you got skill


    money a.k.a. gold bars are optional and mostly used for buying character customization  tools, 2x exp, 2x loot and so on.  Everything you can buy in their shop is also available in game in PvE or PvP.


    another question is what GMs do to players with high skill....

  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 963

    Originally posted by sc4rr3dr4v3n

    I was in the closed beta testing, and it isn't that great. They kinda ruined the game in my opinion. The game is extremely laggy. That and there are too many bugs.

    Right there , you have no opinion you said Closed beta, what do you think beta is for? Your enjoyment, the game is a few years old now what do you think  its still that way?   I to was in Closed beta and like any beta its expected to have bugs and lag, because of it didnt then it would be released .  People  make me laugh when they complain about  beta's being buggy and laggy,  I  can tell so many people are lost to what a beta is for.........



    to the OP or who ever. the game is night and day from beta and even release, I would give it a whirl, I hardly play it anymore as  I have no time but I did like the game.

  • ageventagevent Member UncommonPosts: 11

    the game is well moderated now the population is steadily growing


    there are very very little lags sometimes  and a few cheaters


    community and GMs  are involved in catching cheaters and its very easy now because of the specator mode which allows to see how others are playing (even if a player uses just wallhack and not aimbot)


    I suggest whoever is reading this to give this fun game a try. You might find your favor MMO for years to play

  • eye_meye_m Member UncommonPosts: 3,317

    I played it before, but I prefer APB:R

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  • frostsmithfrostsmith Member Posts: 111

    If it was pay to win, I wouldn't be dominating everyone in PVP with my crappy machine gun from when I started the game. It's all about skill.

  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    i started playing crimecraft in the last few days actually, as i ran across it on steam during my nightly hunt for something to play that didnt piss me off like APB:r tends to..

    game played alright only ran in to 1 person who seemed to be hacking in pvp, he could almost intantly cap flag points and always seemed to know exactly where to shoot to 1-4hit someone. 

    but its alright, plays alot better then APB but frankly they are both worlds apart in systems im not shocked it would. 

    the only main issue i have with the game is the lack of servers... they pretty much give the feeling you HAVE to pay for a monthly sub to even play the game. with 1 server only which even now is maxed at 11pm at night on a weekday seems strange. and rather annoying. 

    but other then that the game is ok.  i do disagree with the hit detection.. frankly who ever thought up a gun should do 0 damage even if you hit them in the face should be frankly shot... if im able to pistol some player or npc sniper from a fair distance i bloody well should be allowed to do damage.. even if its 1-5points of damage instead of 10+

    other then that i dont really have much of a beef with the game, though im way too low level to hit the grind aspects or the heavier pvp stuff i guess.

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