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Anyone trying Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

My 5 year old loves video games and, like his sister before him I like to introduce them to an MMO.  His older sister and I played Toontown together on & off for 2 years and it was a lot of fun.  Marvel Superhero Squad Online is cute and easy for him to understand but there doesnt seem to be much to do at all (believe or it or not there is a lot to do in Toontown).  A couple questions for those who may have tried it:

- Any fansites you can recommend?

- The card game isnt implemented yet, does that add a ton to the game that is currently missing?


  • sakersaker Member UncommonPosts: 1,239

    I've looked at it, tried it to the extent was really able without paying. It seems to be a game that you need to drop money to open any but a very few characters to play. It really doesn't seem to be much to do period yet, looks like they pushed it out the door prematurely (big surprise in MMO's). Certainly has a cute style, has potential, just seems in need of much more to actually do.

  • HypeHype Member CommonPosts: 270

    I've tried it. It's cool for what it is. It's not done yet (It says BETA in big letters when you load it up), but there's enough fun here to justify the price tag. It does make me concerned about how the adult Marvel game would run.

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  • ackwonackwon Member Posts: 16

    I am currently playing the game, and it is OK. Plays alot like Wizard 101 (or uses the Kid-Tested, Parents-Approved Game Model). It is not finished, they have yet to implement the Card-game and other toons for release (Logan Wolverine anyone?). The game isn't that bad. Great for kids.

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