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Celestial Six

BrialynBrialyn Member Posts: 184


Remember that first time you found a ‘home’ within a guild in an MMO? Celestial Six [CSix] is looking to create a guild of close knit friends who want to experience this game together. This isn’t a -rush to the end game- kind of guild nor is it a -we need 300 people in our guild- type either. When we say experience a game we mean, exploring the world, delving into story, and really seeing all that the game has to offer while we laugh, have a good time, and get to know one another in vent.

Yes we want to take part in all end game material but we care about the journey and not just the destination. We want to work together and help one another so that we get the most enjoyment out of the world of Tyria.

If this sounds like something for you then visit our site http://six.enjin.com for more details! Come [CSix] on Deldrimor

~Celestial Six Leadership

Updated: 06/10/12

Currently Playing: FFXIV:ARR
Looking Forward to: Wildstar


  • BrialynBrialyn Member Posts: 184

    We have a few members currently involved in the GW2 beta weekends.  We are learning a lot and looking forward to release :) 

    Come join us on the Deldrimor server! Look for that [CSix] tag :)

    Currently Playing: FFXIV:ARR
    Looking Forward to: Wildstar
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