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Shores of Hazeron 4X Sandbox Space MMO - should be added to the gamelist

JalarisJalaris Member UncommonPosts: 29

Hey just popping in to say that I think Shores of Hazeron should be added to the gamelist as it is a great SANDBOX/RTS/SPACE/EVE/SPORE(without the suck)/MMO/HYBRID game that I recently discovered and would have discovered sooner if it was on the gamelist. Its basically a 4X mmo that, to me, is my dream game. If anyone has ever played StarQuest Online, its is KINDA similar to that, but being that the developers are still working on the game and the population growing everyday, unlike SQO, makes it better.

If you want to find out more about it just go to my link, but I do think it should be put on the gamelist so others, like me, can find the game easier than randomly stumbling upon it only to find out its is their game they've been wanting for an extremely long time. The graphics aren't the best but they assuredly are not the worst(cough StarquestOnline) and they are mainly working on fixing bugs/improving current features/adding newer ones that are needed/fun. 



  • tubelighttubelight Member UncommonPosts: 276

    The website is terrible and so is your description of the game. I might try it later and post a proper description.

  • fatboy21007fatboy21007 Member Posts: 409

    awsome idea and game. but  those graphics are horrible. but ahh ur rite should be on the list.

  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102

    Interesting game but their reason for not using an existing graphics engine is poor, they could have done the same with the open soure unreal 3 engine.

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

  • TorgrimTorgrim Member Posts: 2,088

    I have tried to play that game for many times but the lag and the crappy graphic makes the experience much to be desired.

    I do love the idea of the game but it is an alpha version.

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

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