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Aion Plug, Part 1

Deron_BarakDeron_Barak Member Posts: 1,136

I play Aion so yes, I am going to shamelessly plug it.  In a PvP game where you fight for territories against other real people, having more people playing is great.


Oh, so Aion is only about PvP?


No, not necessarily though at end game it’s one of the main things to do.


So there’s no PvE at end game? What the...


Yes, there is end game PvE content. Contested world bosses, static instances and special instances if your faction controls certain forts.


…. Wha?


I’m getting ahead of myself.  Aion is not your typical MMO.  Yes there are classes, quests and hotbar abilities but Aion takes most everything you know about MMOs and does it a bit different.


You’re losing me, like?....


Well Manatones for one thing.  Each piece of gear has a certain amount of slots on it, more slots for more powerful gear.  As you adventure Manastones will drop and these stones have certain stats that are “socketed” into your gear, adding the amount of the stat listed on the stone.


That’s it? Manastones?


Oh, there is a lot more.  There is a buddy invite system that will allow you to play for free until level seven.  It doesn’t give a complete picture of the game but shows you the art style, animations and introduces you to the chain-based combat system.  The combat system is a very intriguing part of the game.


Is that why I only have 2 abilities? We’re not seeing the same thing here.


Yes, in the beginning you don’t have that many skills, this is true.  As you level though you will gain stand alone/buff abilities and additions to your ability attack “chains” and see why the combat system is great.  Whether you are PvPing or questing you’ll have to make spit decisions about what abilities to use and it makes combat more interesting.


Well good for me down the line, what about now?


You quest and enjoy the game I guess.  NC Soft has raised the xp gain across the board an-


NC Soft?... You mean this is made…in Korea?!


Yeah, they made the game and they are base-


I knew it! This whole time you tried to trick me! This is an Asian grind game! You…….


It’s actually not


I can’t believ- it’s not?


No, though to some it seemed that way.  When Aion was first released it was not made as a “solo quest your way to the top” type of game.  Gathering, crafting, group content and spy quests all gave a lot of experience.  Though, truthfully even then there was a point you had to grind a bit.  For me it was about half of level 35 before my next available quests opened up.  Since then they have added single player instances with questlines and, as far as I know, closed the gap where you can quest throughout.  I cannot personally vouch for this however.


Aion continues to add more and more while tweeking what is already there.  The next free patch (they’re all free) comes out soon, 2.5, which will bring among other things additional skills for level 55’s plus an addition to the graphics engine.  This addition can be clicked off and on so no worries to those, like me, that have a less than ideal computer.  Check the official site for more details.


Find someone who plays or post in the “buddy key” section and try it out for free.  Jump in and see if it grabs you.


Edit: This is Part 1

Just not worth my time anymore.


  • channel84channel84 Member UncommonPosts: 585

    Well said. Unlike games like WoW or Rift. Getting your hand on that piece of equipment you're farming for is just 35% of the way to epic gear. You'll have to socket it with mana stone, god stone, and enchant it to actually make full use of it. 

    So compare to other games end game gear. This require player to invest not only time to farm for it (believe me farming for it is not that hard) But getting it fully upgrade (that's the hard part) and it involve a lot of monetary investment which will lead player on a end game quest to earn ton's of kinah thru a variety of player-figure-out-for-themself way to afford it.

  • Deron_BarakDeron_Barak Member Posts: 1,136
    Agreed. Even if you get a nice boss drop that's not the end of the story. One good thing though is that world drops have been increased a lot so Kinah is not as hard to come by as it once was. Plus 50-55 content gains you a lot more Kinah.

    In Aion your greatest enemy, other that the enemy faction, is the RNG. Crafting, Manastones and Enchantment stones all work on the RNG. This is the one area I think still needs to be looked at and NC has already done it once on chance to proc in crafting. Say what you want about NC but they have already proven they will change things if need be.

    Just not worth my time anymore.

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